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kannaway cbd hemp oil

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About Medical Marijuana, Inc.


In December 2020, the Company received a warm welcome into the European CBG market. In the U.S., Kannaway® has officially launched its Pure CBG tincture. Each one-ounce bottle of the tincture infuses 1,000 mg of CBG isolate into multi-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil for increased absorption.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s headquarters is in San Diego, California, and additional information is available at or by visiting To see Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s corporate video, click here.

Get peace of mind with Kannaway’s Pure Gold Hemp Oil with non-detectable THC levels.

Kannaway is a company that manufactures and markets some of the world’s most important product innovations, sourced from one of the earth’s oldest natural resources – cannabis.

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Pure Gold Hemp Oil:

Each 120ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, this averages at 33mg of CBD per serving. The MCT combined with the rich CBD oil is sustainably sourced coconut oil. This can be added to food and beverages such a smoothies.

A natural compound found in the hemp plant, CBD, or cannabidiol that has a wide scope of helpful applications. It’s no big surprise that it has turned out to be such a broadly used wholesome staple in the wellbeing and health world.

How does it work?

For clearer, noticeably clean, even toned, and healthy looking skin, Kannactiv™ is infused with antioxidants found in natural hemp and boosted with proprietary East Asian herbal formulas. These proven Bi-Bong™ formulas and traditional plant-based extracts found in Kannactiv™ have been passed down by revered doctors of East Asia as ideal for troubled skin.

› Gold Stevie Award Winner at 2019 American Business Awards. Read More .

Fragrant essential oils provide enhanced aromatherapeutic benefits to your body and mind. Kannaway combined botanical oils with natural terpenes to create aromatic essential oil blends to boost energy levels, promote calm, and support immunity. Kannaway Essential Oils can be added to oil diffusers or massaged into pressure points.


› First company to have CBD products listed in Prescribers’ Digital Reference® (also known as Physicians’ Desk Reference or PDR). Read More .

HempVĀP® was the first CBD hemp oil vaporizer product on the market, providing a sleek and portable, CBD-infused alternative to smoking.

With over twice the population of the United States and Canada combined – over 742 million people – Europe presents an immense opportunity for hemp and marijuana companies that break the market open. Kannaway currently ships its products to over 30 countries in the EU market.

Kannaway® hosts large and small events across the United States and internationally in the EU, offering unique insight and opportunity to sales professionals who want to become successful leaders in the sale and marketing of hemp products and services. These events are capped by two premier events held in the spring and fall in the United States and the European Union respectively.