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This freshly harvested hemp material is prepped and sent out for processing, using a state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 extraction, that leaves a 100% pure and safe cannabidiol extraction.

Coated with the all-natural organic cannabidiol compound, extracted from the finest hemp containing under 0.2% THC, the selection at CBD Guru includes a Cola bottles flavour, peach rings and vegan sour cherries.

These fizzy cola-flavoured gummies are infused with the Finest Grade CBD and coated with the highest-quality broad spectrum distillate.

Do CBD Gummies Have THC?

"The CBD Cola bottles can be taken multiple times a day, aiding you through all of your favourite activities. Simply enjoy one of these treats with or without a meal, and focus on what matters most – accomplishing your day with a sense of peace, accomplishment, and joy".

CBD gummies are proving popular, both as a way to get your daily dose of CBD and for their sweetness.

The hemp used by CBD Guru is grown from organic seeds with superior genetics. and is cultivated by sustainable hemp farmers in Colorado.

Costing £29.99, the 25mg – 60 Pack can last a "substantial amount of time", says CBD Guru, given that the average dosage its customers enjoy rests between 5mg and 20mg, two to three times per day.

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Original chewy centre cola cubes are back, But with a Twist! These CBD Infused Cola Cubes have a sugary coating on the outside and a soft chewy cola centre, just like they used too! We have made sure our cola cubes have a full on flavour that lasts all the way through to the chewy bit in the middle. The good news is they still taste just as good as they always did as we have hunted high and low to bring you the best ever tasting cola cubes, and we are very fussy when it comes to sweets!

INGREDIENTS åÊ åÊBroad spectrum CBD, Sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, vegetable fat (palm oil), flavouring, colour: Beetroot Red, Emulsifier: soya åÊLecithin