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jacob hooy cbd capsules review

They’re all ‘Full Spectrum’. Which means they contain a full set of cannabinoids, including THC (trace amounts under the legal limit). Again, this is all ‘allegedly’ as we have no lab report proof.

Jacob Hooy is a reputable Dutch company with a long history dating back to 1973!

With Holland and Barrett’s seal of approval, CBD oil’s popularity has continued to rise.


“. that three of the products contained less CBD than indicated on the label. One, the Jacob Hooy CBD+ Hemp Oil that claimed to be 2.75% CBD, actually contained 1.7%. “

To highlight, this is Love Hemp’s CBD Oil Drops range:

Only the low strength oils are available!

A study from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis that found 38% of UK CBD oils had less than 50% of the advertised amount of CBD!

CBD oil has become very popular in the UK, especially since Holland andBarrett started stocking Jacob Hooy CBD oil. We review Jacob Hooy CBD to see if it measures up to the competition. So is Holland and Barrett CBD oil any good? And w hat is Jacob Hooy CBD oil used for? Read on to find out more.

Jacob Hooy regularly tests its oil to ensure that it’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels are less than 0.05%, which is 4 times less than the legal limit of 0.2%. So, we are confident that the product is safe and legal to use.


Considering the current CBD products available on the market, we are actually a little disappointed with Jacob Hooy’s CBD oil sold at Holland and Barrett. More about that in a minute.

Holland and Barrett is a trusted name, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their CBD products are the best available. There are many alternative CBD sellers offering high quality products at affordable prices. However many people will still support Holland and Barrett because they are a trusted brand.

– No artificial flavors or colours.

The best results were when I took a stronger oil under my tongue twice a day and had the capsules handy for when I felt like I needed an extra boost. I also took them with me when I was travelling or in a hurry.

Capsules are an easy and discreet way to take hemp oil. They provide a pre-measured amount that can be taken on a journey, in a bag or pocket, with no fear of leaking. You also have the choice of swallowing them with water or breaking them open and holding the oil under your tongue.

I tried taking these both ways and each worked well. They are standard sized capsules and were easy to take with a small amount of water. They are well sealed but brittle, so I easily released the oil by breaking them between my teeth. While this was no hassle, I think that if I planned on taking the oil sublingually under my tongue, I would just buy drops. If you prefer to buy oil check out our best UK CBD oils list.

10mg Capsules Potency/ Effectiveness

Named for the oldest, traditional pharmacy still trading in Amsterdam, Jacob Hooy bear the prestigious label ‘Purveyors to the Court by Royal Appointment’. For over 250 years they have traded in herbs, spices and oils to achieve their goal of providing good, natural, healthy and honest products. Their CBD range includes a 5% CBD oil, hemp tea, capsules and CBD+ coconut oil.

As well as Jacob Hooy CBD capsules, Holland & Barrett also offer a range of other hemp based cannabidiol products:

These aren’t available for any Holland & Barrett CBD products and mark one of the most noticeable differences between them and leading CBD retailers. While I would consider Holland & Barrett to be a trusted brand, anyone selling cannabinoids in any form should be able to produce third party lab tests at the point of sale.

If there was more information available about the source of the hemp oil and its cannabinoid profile it could make them even better value.