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is there any cbd in hemp protein powder

When you compare it to one of the most popular proteins, whey, you find that it has more benefits than any animal-based protein could offer.

Hemp protein doesn’t affect estrogen levels because it doesn’t contain phytoestrogen properties like other protein supplements. In fact, the combination of benefits could have a positive effect on your overall hormonal health.

The amount of nutrients found inside this protein powder is what you could get only from a superfood like hemp. When you compare it to other plant-based proteins it comes out ahead because of the amino acids found inside.

Can I Eat Hemp Protein Everyday?

You won’t fail a drug test because of hemp protein because hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. A Cannabis Sativa plant is only classified as hemp if it contains less than 0.3% THC. On top of that, hemp protein powder is made from the seed, a part of the plant that doesn’t contain any THC at all.

Other side effects to look out for include overconsumption of protein. If you eat too much protein of any kind it will cause weight gain, constipation, or dehydration. It’s important to take your entire diet under consideration when you include any protein powder.

Hemp protein is good for building muscle because of the amino acids found inside. The essential amino acids help with recovery and repair muscle damage quickly.

When it comes to the protein found in hemp, you’ll be happy to know it’s a complete protein. A complete protein is a protein that contains all the amino acids you need. Your body needs nine essential amino acids that you can only get from food.

Nutribuddy use hemp protein alongside pea and rice protein in their range of vegan shakes to pack a nutritional high-protein punch.

But we’re pretty confident that once you know and understand hemp protein powder’s benefits, you’ll be sold!

5 Amazing Hemp Protein Powder Benefits

The most important of these benefits is increased heart health.

Not bad for a plant often painted as just a recreational high, eh?

The amount of THC found within hemp protein powder is not enough to affect the result of any common drug testing.