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is johnny apple cbd isolate

The whole CBD story for Johnny Apple has started in San Francisco. This American city inspired the company’s founders not only by its rich history but also by the fertility of fields where the ultimate pain alleviator – CBD – can be grown. And that’s what the business starters did – they used the best farming practices and initiated massive cultivation of hemp from healthy grounds to help people cope with their ailments and diseases. Now, the brand is an acknowledged activist with a propensity for exclusive product manufacturing.

The brand’s inventory embraces an impressive collection of useful CBD products, and all of them are deprived of THC, which brings visible signs of cognitive impairment. Upon visiting their web store, you’ll not drown in the sea of multiple goods. Each product from the line is conveniently displayed on the top page, which will make it much easier to channel your desires and needs in the right direction. There, you’ll stumble upon tinctures, topicals, gummies, isolates, cartridges, CBD for pets, and wax. Now let’s take a look at the top products Johnny Apple CBD has to offer.

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Johnny Apple CBD is one of those brands that snuck up on us — the first impression didn’t exactly leave an impression. But after an in-depth look into their processes and product line, we’re impressed! They post comprehensive safety results for all their CBD products, including cannabinoid profiles and contaminants tests, and they source organically grown U.S. hemp. Plus, their line is free of the synthetic stuff like PG and polysorbates. We’re on board!

The stellar product line has all-natural ingredients from what we can tell and caters mostly to the isolate customer, the only truly full spectrum options being their wax and honey oil. As is the trend now with many brands, Johnny Apple CBD offers a 10% discount if you subscribe to have their products delivered each month. The full catalog includes:

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Our only qualm is the absence of comprehensive ingredients lists. While Johnny Apple CBD lists what’s in their products, the most transparent thing to do is post a photo of the ingredients on the labels. Next best is having designated lists by each product, something they’re not doing.

Bottom Line – Johnny Apple CBD deserves a four-badge rating due to their commitment to quality, safety, charity, and their mission to promote CBD’s beneficial properties. Their product line is cleanly sourced with natural ingredients, and we recommend giving them a spin.

Johnny Apple CBD is a San Francisco outfit that offers cannabidiol products made from hemp with ‘superior’ genetics, aka with high CBD concentrations. They call themselves ‘extraction artists,’ but we actually don’t know what extraction method they employ. All Johnny Apple says about their extraction process is that it ‘utilizes the greenest techniques known in the industry.’

Our Honey Oil is a rich and smooth CBD concentrate perfect for dabbing. Each 2 gram jar contains roughly 1300mg of CBD. **This product contains no THC.

Our signature Calm terpene profile was inspired by some of our favorite indica strains to help shape this amazing flavorful blend. Blend Profile: Pungent yet sweet with a.


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RAW is the same high quality hemp extracted CBD as our Pure crystalline, only in it’s original raw crystal chunk form. These beautiful large crystals have a “shatter”.

99% pure CBD isolate. Choose between a fine crystalline (Pure) that’s better suited for eating, baking, and making measurements or large crystal shards (Raw) that have.