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is it easy to make cbd tincture youtube

Using alcohol, oils, or glycerin as a base, marijuana can be extracted and made into concentrated extracts called tinctures. Many people ask how to make marijuana tincture with Everclear as it has a high-volume of grain alcohol and preserved cannabis tinctures. There are also several other ways to make effective cannabis tinctures that we will explore.

There is also the option of a CBD strain that is used to make purely medicinal, non-psychoactive tinctures. Making your own CBD tincture will allow you to increase the number of beneficial cannabinoids, which will be much higher than tinctures for sale at dispensaries.

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

The basic science behind making cannabis tinctures, otherwise known as a golden dragon for its rich yellow-green color, is the fusion of the flavor and potency of alcohol or oil with cannabis. The alcohol or oil base acts as an extraction machine to absorb the cannabinoids and terpenes. This will make liquid THC drops that can be used in recipes or by itself in small doses.

If the intention is to get high from the tincture drops, then decarboxylation is necessary prior to start any recipe. Heat the cannabis bud, trimmings, or stems in an oven at 250 degrees F for at least 30 minutes to activate the THC. If this is not done, then the tincture will not produce a high.

Choosing a specific stain can affect the potency and after-effects of a tincture. This tincture will take on the medicinal properties of the strain. If you choose an Indica plant, then you will experience a relaxed state through a body high. This can help with insomnia, body pain, nausea, and depression. A Sativa strain will have the opposite effect of high energy and an appetite stimulate. A hybrid can combine both of these qualities depending on the need of the tincture.

It’s simple really….Make it yourself!

This CBD tincture recipe involves the same process as making a THC tincture. The only difference is that you will need a cannabis strain that is high in CBD and low in THC.

So, how can you pick the best CBD tincture when there are hundreds of products on the market?

Finally, prohibition is ending. For people that live in a state or country where cannabis is legal, it will be fairly simple to buy the cannabis buds. Fortunately, cannabis legalization is happening around the world. Ask your local dispensary for cannabis buds that are high in CBD/low in THC. For this recipe, we used 28 grams of cannabis flower that contain 20% CBD. This should give your recipe a final potency of 5600Mg/CBD Tincture.

Excitingly, you can have the tincture ready in 1 hour. However if you would like max potency, leave your jar for another week or more before straining it.

In addition, you will need a solvent. We recommend high proof grain alcohol or Everclear. Of course, you will need a mason jar and a tincture for storage.

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