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is cbd tincture legal in virginia

Therefore, if you stick to industrial hemp products, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the law.

Due to Virginia’s strict marijuana laws, it may be hard to find CBD locally. However, you can easily order CBD online and have it at your door within a few business days.

Online Stores

If you possess a doctor’s recommendation, you will be able to purchase medicinal CBD at one of the 5 dispensaries. The dispensaries are expected to start operating at the end of 2019.

Note: This bill doesn’t prevent you from getting arrested if you have a doctor’s recommendation. It only gives you a proper defense in court.

Despite CBD being widely available across the state of Virginia, you need to know how to protect yourself from companies selling fake or dangerous products.

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If you live in Virginia, commonly referred to as “The Old Dominion” and repeatedly voted by Forbes and CNBC as the best place to live for business in the country, you likely work hard and play hard and live an active and healthy lifestyle. If you are like many of the nearly 9 million residents of Virginia interested in beginning your own personal CBD oil journey toward greater health and wellness, Palm Organix™ is excited to tell you about all that Hemp/CBD has to offer.

Nowadays, you can come across hemp- derived CBD being legally sold over the counter throughout the commonwealth. As long as they contain a maximum of 0.3% THC, they are completely legal within Virginia.

In Virginia, many individuals believe that this compound is extremely useful in managing different types of pain in the body. This appears to be especially true regarding inflammation coming from both injuries and immune response.

When it comes to recreational marijuana, Virginia still maintains that the use of the plant for that purpose is illegal within the commonwealth. However, early in the year 2020, Virginia quietly decriminalized the possession of less than one ounce of cannabis.

History of Cannabis in Virginia

So, is CBD legal in Virginia? This is the primary question this article will focus on answering.

Your body naturally produces cannabinoids, those are endocannabinoids. These then bind with the ECS’ cannabinoid receptors, the interaction apparently results in the delivery of the mentioned effects. For example, and according to research, CBD’s binding to a specific receptor and its effect on it brings about reduced inflammation and pain relief.

To summarize, you can safely purchase CBD products in Virginia if it comes from the hemp plant due to its low THC content. However, marijuana-derived CBD, even for medical reasons, are still illegal in the commonwealth. The only legal medical cannabis in Virginia is cannabidiol extracted from hemp plants.

There are a few steps you as a buyer can always take to ensure you get the highest quality product. The most vital one is to ascertain that you get your CBD from a dealer or manufacturer that tests with a reliable independent laboratory.