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is cbd salve good for cuts scrapes and inflammation

Here is a cheat sheet for figuring out what you’re suffering from.

A variety of products exist that target different areas of the body. Face creams, for example, can reduce inflammation and sebum production, tackling the root cause of acne. Joint creams are better for those enduring pain from arthritis or lupus. Finally, a generalized CBD topical ointment is ideal for cuts and scrapes causing swelling.

Cuts & Scrapes

The above skin conditions can be caused by a variety of issues. Burns, cuts, and scrapes are usually caused by external factors and injuries. However, open wounds like cuts can sometimes occur alongside other skin conditions, such as chapped skin, picking psoriasis scabs, or popping acne spots.

With certain conditions, like acne, scarring, and open wounds feature as symptoms. So, if you suffer from a chronic skin condition such as this, then this article could still be useful to you.

CBD may also boost collagen production, preventing scar tissue and reducing the appearance of existing scars. A 2019 study in La Clinica Terapeutica found that patients using CBD ointment twice daily exhibited a reduction in scar tissue thanks to improvements in skin hydration and elasticity. While CBD won’t remove scars completely, it may boost your confidence just a little.

Chronic wounds disproportionately affect older adults, severely impairing their health and quality of life. Aging diminishes our capacity for healing, and conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease, cancer and surgical procedures put elder adults at further risk of developing chronic wounds.

He recalls: “When I started recommending cannabinoid therapies to my patients, I was considered a heretic.” But when Canada broadened the definition of medical cannabis to include extracts as well as dried botanical flower, Dr. Maida developed and patented his own formulations, and started to recruit patients for his study. He now holds what he claims to be the world’s first patents on Topical Cannabis-Based Medicines (TCBM) indicated for Integumentary and Wound Management.

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According to Dr. Maida, much of the money and effort spent on treating chronic wound is in vain. “One of the areas with the worst outcomes is wounds – in terms of pain relief and healing, the results are dismal. We’re spending billions and spinning our wheels.”

Dr. Maida has been investigating cannabinoids for treating pain and wounds for over 20 years. During a graduate program on wounds at University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health, he encountered a pre-clinical study showing evidence of the efficacy of cannabinoids for wound healing. He recalls: “My supervisor thought I was off my rocker that I thought that cannabinoids could be effective for treating integumentary (the skin and mucous membrane system) and wound conditions. Since then the basic science has been catching up and validating all of my research.”

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