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is cbd hemp oil legal in australia

Furthermore, CBD is still a controlled substance so not only is one not permitted to cultivate Hemp, being in possession of CBD products without having been approved by the Special Access Scheme is illegal.

As previously stated, all medical THC and CBD products must be obtained via the Special Access Scheme. As of now, it is more difficult to be prescribed products containing above 0.2% THC than it is to be prescribed CBD.

CBD oil and other Cannabis products are legal in Australia but require one to go through a special state program in order to acquire the products.

Is it legal to grow hemp for CBD in Australia? No

The availability of CBD oil offline is quite low due to the somewhat time-consuming process which one has to go through to legally purchase CBD oil. For this reason, there are not many importers; those who do have legal access via the Special Access Scheme import their own supplies; usually from Europe or Asia.

CBD oil is only legal in Australia through the government sponsors Special Access Scheme. While some individuals have had success accessing CBD oil this way over 100,000 people have reportedly chosen to procure their CBD oil via illegal means.

All Hemp production, even those approved low THC strains, fall under the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act of 1981. All Hemp cultivators require special permissions from the Australian Government.

Essentially, the Special Access Scheme is a medical program that encompasses both THC and CBD. The patient must be prescribed CBD oil by a medical doctor to be eligible to legally buy CBD oil.

Legal Grey Area — Restricted Lean

CBD in Australasia is restricted. While the cannabinoid is available only via prescription in both countries, the regulations around its use and import are slightly different.

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Australia is expected to become one of the leading cannabis growers, and New Zealand is on the verge of full cannabis legalization.

Under New Zealand’s law, the content of tetrahydrocannabinol and other psychoactive substances mustn’t exceed 2%. The Ministry of Health notes that medicinal cannabis products like Sativex are not considered CBD products.

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