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is cbd bath bomb a topical

Since the combination of hot water and Epsom salt helps to increase blood flow and pore opening, CBD is able to enter the bloodstream at a rapid pace. These benefits can potentially include: relief from discomfort, improved sleep, stress and anxiety relief, a boost in your mood as well as nausea relief.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp that has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve muscle and joint pain and even help those who experience trouble sleeping. Together with the hot water of a bath, CBD bath bombs work by absorbing through opened pores which allows the CBD to penetrate the skin throughout the entire body, allowing it to reach the bloodstream faster than topical applications. To elevate your self-care routine, we recommend incorporating CBD bath bombs to your bath time rituals and we’ll give you 7 reasons why.

Besides helping you to feel relaxed, CBD can actually help you to think more clearly. Since CBD positively impacts the Endocannabinoid system responsible for regulating our mood & emotions, a CBD bath bomb could help to boost your serotonin levels and even interact with other neural systems, such as the hippocampus, which controls memory and emotion.

5. Aromatherapy

Bath bombs are known for their fizzy bubbles and colors but CBD bath bombs provide so much more than just a fun, spa-like experience, they provide relief. They’re a unique combination of baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts and additives such as essential oils and of course their star ingredient, CBD.

From tinctures to topical creams and gummies, the relief found from CBD can come in many forms, but perhaps the most relaxing method is the CBD Bath Bomb.

Need help shaking feelings of stress and anxiety after a long, challenging day? Consider treating yourself to a warm bath with a CBD bath bomb. Our Endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating several bodily mechanisms such as mood, pain-sensation, libido, appetite and even memory. Cannabinoids help to induce relaxation and relieve stress by interacting with the system to prompt action.

At Soul, we take our bath time seriously, which is why we’ve created 4 different CBD Bath Bombs to help make the most of your ME time. Included in our star-line up of CBD Bath Bombs are: Get Relief, Get It On, Get Smooth and Get Chill. They’re a rejuvenating combination of all natural ingredients that can provide you with the relief you need from sore muscles, stress, irritated skin and more. Each individual bath bomb contains 35mg of calming CBD and, although they have different benefits, they all have the same goal of helping you to find the relief you seek in the most relaxing of ways.

“As with any nutrient or ingredient applied to the skin, absorption into the bloodstream will be faster than with oral ingestion,” Shunney says. And while a topical CBD balm, oil, or cream might be ideal for those hoping to calm localized inflammation, Shunney says adding CBD to a bath will expose your entire body to it, resulting in more systemic effects.

“The reason CBD is miraculous is not because of what it does (it’s not a cure-all), but because it is such a malleable ingredient. It’s a compound that works on so many different systems of your body,” says Mata. “It touches on anxiety, mood, sleep disorders—all these different variants of your life.” Add that to your already-calming bath experience and you'll be as relaxed as ever.

So what does this calming, homeostasis-promoting, cannabis-derived plant substance have to do with bath time?

It’s beneficial in so many different ways.

Among other benefits, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. “CBD is best used for inflammation, which is really at the root of any problem you have with your skin, whether it’s eczema or pain,” says Claudia Mata, the founder of Vertly, which infuses CBD into its natural, mineral- and botanical-rich bath salts. Dissolving a CBD-infused product, like bath salts or a bath bomb, into hot water and soaking in it helps expedite the process of CBD absorption into the skin and bloodstream through the pores.

Shunney recommends going with organic products that feature ingredients and processes like:

"Anyone can benefit from a CBD bath,” says Cindy Capobianco, cofounder and chief brand officer of the CBD brand Lord Jones. “If you've had a long day, an intense workout, or strenuous travel, it can provide the ultimate restorative reset and promote a calm sense of well-being." And don't worry, taking a CBD bath won't get you high.

Take all of those familiar benefits of a good old-fashioned bath—CBD will subtly enhance them. “Hot water, relaxation, CBD, essential oils—who wouldn’t benefit from that combo?” Shunney says. “The biggest benefits [of a CBD bath] would be to relax and decompress, to ease musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, and to soothe angry skin conditions.”

The CBD market has exploded in the last three or four years throughout the world. In the UK it shows no signs of slowing down.

Of course, the name cannabis comes with a stigma attached.

Firstly, CBD is non psychoactive. In other words it cannot get you high. This means you can drive whilst using it, operate heavy machinery and function effectively without any concern you are going to be ‘under the influence’.

I have to confess to being somewhat baffled by the endless attempts to put CBD into any product going. Some of this is so out of kilter with the fact CBD is supposed to be part of a healthy lifestyle that I can only think the people selling it have no idea about health or wellbeing.

Our body makes our own endogenous (from within) cannabinoids that help balance our health systems. There are even cannabinoids in the breast milk for newborn children which actually helps them thrive.