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innovative cbd oil

Innovative CBD is among the pioneer CBD brands in the world. With organic ingredients and clean manufacturing methods, the brand offers pure and effective CBD products, from oils, topicals, and lozenges.

Innovative CBD uses hempseed oil as its carrier oil.

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Customers may also discuss wholesale concerns through [email protected] .

Customers may contact Innovative CBD through the live chat feature on its website.

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Of all the varieties, the Basics line comes in the widest variety of strengths, ranging from 250mg to 2500mg. You can also get a 100mg option in the Professionals category.

Innovative CBD places great emphasis on full-spectrum CBD. Oddly, the website says that this brand imports the hemp it uses to make CBD; most brands grow hemp here in the USA. It is not clear where the hemp is imported from, which is a little troubling.

Innovative CBD Topicals

The brand has excellent TrustPilot ratings, which is good news. Many of the more recent negative reviews pertain to the fact that the lozenges recently got a lot smaller but still cost the same amount. Apart from that, customers seem to be satisfied with their purchases.

This brand is evidently committed to producing a high-quality product.

The website claims that Innovative CBD even tests for 66 pesticides. The products should therefore be incredibly high-quality and worth it for users.