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industrial hemp farm cbd isolate

Whole-plant extract, also known as crude, is the first pass of our ethanol-based cryogenic extraction process. It can range in tone from light amber to dark brown and is the most complete of concentrates. It retains the natural terpenes of the hemp plant, essential oils, fatty acids, and cannabinoids. Our whole-plant extract is decarboxylated and winterized and ready for formulation. Typically contains 50-55% CBD.

We serve consumer and pharma brands in the state, national, and international markets with CBD products at the potency and quality that’s demanded by discerning consumers. Our products are extracted by our on-site extraction team, using organically grown biomass from New York cultivators. We welcome you, our customers and partners, to tour all areas of our facility and meet the CBD extraction team.

We take our crude (whole-plant extract) and run it through an ethanol-based cryogenic extraction process that removes the terpenes, chlorophyll, and fats. This leaves behind an oil-rich product with the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Our full-spectrum distillate is great for creating cannabinoid-rich products without undesired hemp flavors and scent.

Wholesale CBD Crude.

This concentrate is 99%+ pure isolated CBD—a white crystalline powder created from industrial hemp. It is the purest extract available and ideal for those planning to develop products with 0% THC content. It comes in either powdered or a large slab-type crystal format. THC is under .3%

Our concentrate undergoes a molecular separation process that results in THC-free full-spectrum hemp oil. The concentrate retains the natural terpenes from the hemp plant and a strong profile of background content such as trace phytocannabinoids that offer therapeutic, economic, and research value. This is our premium-grade product. It’s fully activated and contains 0% THC.

CBD is emulsified CBD oil that solves for the poor water solubility of CBD oil, making it ideal for producers of CBD-derived drink products. Nano CBD can deliver higher levels of CBD four to five times quicker than the liposomal method into a user’s bloodstream. This gives a relaxing and clarifying effect that most people notice within minutes. The extraction process creates a water-soluble average oil droplet size of approximately 25 nanometers (a nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter).

The CBD isolate sold by IHF could help encourage a restful night’s sleep. The brand says that some customers claimed it helped them sleep soundly. You have the option to add CBD isolate to food or drink. You can even increase the concentration of existing CBD oil. It has no taste or smell, so it shouldn’t cause issues with aroma or flavor.

The price ranges from $15 for 60ml for some terpenes, to $60 per 120ml of terpinolene, which is the most expensive. IHF guarantees a minimum purity of 78.5%.

What Could Industrial Hemp Farm’s Products Help With?

It provides a third-party lab report for each offering, which is excellent news.

In each case, there are seven size options:

There are 11 options for the lowest grade CBD hemp flower, including: