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imbue cbd capsules

Results: After a few months, JT stated that his feet condition improved substantially and was pleased about it.

-To alleviate the issue, DK sought out using CBD – not knowing any difference between CBD isolates vs. full spectrum CBD oil, the patient chose CBD isolate. After a few weeks of use, patients notice effectiveness wearing off. After finding, Imbue Botanicals’ full spectrum CBD – DK opted to use 2 of 10mg CBD capsules. After 4 days of use, the patient noticed his sleep and anxiety started to improve and later part of week one, body aches started to lessen. Patient maintained a 20mg dose for 8 months and transitioned down to 10mg capsules to control his conditions.

Subject: DK is an Asian male 33 y.o. patient with a history of an early onset of atherosclerotic plaque with unstable angina. In June 2015, a patient was admitted into the ER with acute onset of chest pain and radiating sharp shooting pain to the left arm. After admission, seeing an irregular EKG reading and abnormal echocardiogram – the patient was brought to the cath-lab and placed a stent to alleviate the 85% blockage that incurred in the lower anterior descending artery. After 4 days of hospital admission and going through additional testing, the patient’s doctor found DK had an active bartonella infection which might have caused an endothelial lining damage which may have caused a premature atherosclerotic plaque to form which lead to an unstable angina. In August 2015, the patient’s bartonella treatment started for 6 months. During the treatment, patients complained of body ache(pain level of 6 /10) ; soft tissue soreness; anxiety; insomnia, and fatigue.

Plan: Full spectrum CBD capsules from Imbue Botanicals

Plan: JT was educated on the topical use of Imbue Botanical’s high potent full spectrum 680mg salve and counseled to use it on his feet twice a day.

-DK’s bartonella infection has been cleared and his anxiety, insomnia, and pain have completely been mitigated. Patient is continuing on the full spectrum CBD, now transitioned to use gummies -instead. Patient felt that gummies provided enough effect in the body without cause drowsiness which he felt from full spectrum 10mg capsules. This is probably due to the fact that gummies provide a sublingual absorption for a quick onset and quick clearance compared to the capsules.

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Full Spectrum CBD Products contain 0.3% or less THC per serving. These products are trace amounts of THC and are legal in the United States.

Flavored CBD Isolate concentrate chips explicitly made for dabbing enthusiasts. These isolate chips are solid little bits of CBD concentrate, and K.

At Imbue Botanicals, we truly believe that centuries old botanicals can have a profound impact in improving our lives, and those of our pets. To that end, we grow the finest organic Colorado hemp, process it under the most stringent conditions, and produce an extensive line of premium CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, and topical lotions and salves, all available in multiple strengths.. for people and pets.

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