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how tp make cannibis cbd tincture

There are several ways to make your own CBD tincture, but almost all of them involve high-proof alcohol and/or a crock-pot, which seem like a recipe for disaster. Instead, we’d like to present our own proprietary high-quality, alcohol-free tincture recipe.

You might be wondering, how long does a tincture take to kick in? A few drops will elevate your mood without altering your mind in 30-90 minutes.

Bhutan’s Mendo CBD tinctures are derived from the Emerald Triangle’s richest CBD strains. Inside each bottle is a massive 20:1 CBD:THC mixture that’ll stop or calm almost any pain, plus give you the focus and drive needed to conquer your day. Available in original, lemon, peppermint and cinnamon flavors. Need more balance? Try their then Mendo Focus 1:1 CBD: THC tincture for a more even-keeled cannabis buzz.

How Are CBD Tinctures Made?

Cannabis tinctures have been around for more than a hundred years. In fact, it was prominently featured in the United States Pharmacopoeia as a painkiller and sedative until 1942 when it was declared a menace to society by Reefer Madness-fueled U.S. lawmakers who feared recreational marijuana would destroy America.

The company’s 420 EMU Essentials line offers a unique tincture called Mystic Mango Medicated Elixir that infuses light, fruity taste with a mammoth 280 milligrams of CBD (2:1 CBD:THC) in an all-natural, grade A emu oil to sooth any internal or external condition. Contains no sugar, fat or gluten.

While it does take a long time to make, it’ll be worth the wait as this glycerin cannabis tincture is rich in terpenes, taste, and healing power.

Best of all, CBD seems to counter the negative effects of THC. In clinical research trials CBD has proven to increase relaxation, thereby reducing the paranoia sometimes associated with large doses of THC; its effect on the lungs can counter the ill-effects of smoking; and CBD also suppresses appetite, counterbalancing the “munchies” brought on by THC.

FlowerChild has several CBD tinctures to choose from, each with different strengths and medicinal benefits. They also carry CBG tincture if you are interested in that. There is even one made just for pets!

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How to Use Cannabis CBD Tincture

Check out this list of CBD benefits to see what else it can help with.

To take the CBD tincture, start by putting a few drops under your tongue and seeing how you feel after an hour or two.

For an alcohol free tincture vegetable glycerine can be used instead of the spirits.