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how to store cbd isolate

CBD Isolate is 99% pure Cannabidiol derived entirely from hemp oil that was extracted from industrial hemp. Our isolate comes in crystalline (powdered) form making it extremely easy to work with as an ingredient.

CBD isolate has already been activated (decarboxylated), which means that it doesn’t need to be heated prior to use. This gives isolate more versatility than other CBD extracts. CBD Isolate can be ingested, taken sublingually, or mixed with other ingredients.

Suggested Use

Reputable CBD brands will have darker bottles to protect CBD from light.

It really comes down to the base oil that the CBD is added to.

This is especially true for full-spectrum or hemp oil CBD.

How long can you store CBD for?

Light will break down the base oil over time.

Refrigeration is not needed for CBD storage but will definitely extend the life.

The three main base oils are:

That’s one reason we use MCT oil as a base for CBD Isolate at IndigoNaturals.

Cool, dark, and sealed – these are the three most vital elements when storing any CBD infusion. The pantry or medicine cabinet can meet these conditions, making them good options for the safe storage of CBD products.

If you are adding CBD to food as an ingredient – such as CBD butter – be sure to refrigerate it in an airtight, opaque container.

Shelf Life of CBD Products

If you are making homemade CBD edibles, always take into account the perishability of each ingredient. Check the expiration dates and store your CBD creations according to recommended conditions of the recipe.

To avoid exposure to light and oxygen, make sure your CBD product is stored in an airtight opaque container. If you purchase CBD infusions from a dispensary or retailer, the containers they come with are often designed for optimal storage so try to keep them in their original packaging. If you need to transfer your CBD infusion, make sure the new container is made of dark glass and is properly labeled. Plastic containers may compromise the integrity of your CBD product during long-term storage. Always tighten the bottle lid or snap-on cap after each use and store the product in an upright position.

Whether your CBD product of choice is oil, tincture, liquid concentrate, pill, gummy, or cream, it is essential to prevent exposure to direct light, humidity, and extreme heat to preserve the natural botanical properties of CBD. Light, heat, and air exposure can accelerate the breakdown of CBD and may shorten the shelf life of your product.