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how to infuse coconut oil with cbd isolates

In a world of virtually endless CBD products, there’s something to be said for the people who want to go through the steps to make it at home. When you buy a bottle of CBD oil, you might feel a disconnect as to how a cannabis plant was transformed into the bottle of liquid you see in front of you.

The last thing you’ll need is a large pot and a stove or burner.

The Only CBD Oil Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Now that you know the “how,” let’s talk a little bit about the “why.”

That’s it! If you follow the recipe, your final product will be 48 teaspoons of homemade CBD Oil at 20mg of CBD per serving. Of course, you can adjust the recipe to make higher or lower quantities. You can also add more isolate or crystals if you want to make a high-CBD blend.

If you live in a state where growing is legal, you might have already gotten your hands on some marijuana seeds, and are planning your first grow. While this is a great way to take the entire process into your own hands, you don’t have to grow your own marijuana to make CBD oil.

This is not an edible or anything like that but we decided more and more people are wanting to use CBD oil and here is a reasonably quick way to make your own using CBD Isolate to do it with.

We are going to format this like any other recipe on the site but it’s going to be a bit different just because of what wer’e making here.

As far as what oil to use you can use any MCT Oil or even Olive Oil. We do not recommend that you use coconut oil but as long as you use one that is a made to be a true oil and will not harden at room temp it should work fine.

You definitely do not have to make your own CBD Oil there are plenty readily available but if you’re like me and you like to dabble in knowing how to make things as well as knowing exactly what is in your medicine then this is the CBD Oil recipe for you!

Double Boiling Method: The Double Boiling Method is a heat control technique traditionally utilized in cooking that allows you to infuse any hemp isolate with a carrier oil of your choice.

Who doesn’t love honey? With all the awesome health benefits of organic raw unfiltered honey, it seems like the perfect partner for CBD. Infusing two of nature’s greatest healers into one tasty treat – what more could you want? If you’re reading this you probably have a pretty good idea of what CBD does. But did you know honey is naturally loaded with a ton of benefits as well?

The Double Boiling Method

It is important to not use high temperatures as not to lose the potency of either your CBD or your honey. We recommend local-raw-unfiltered honey because of its wide range of health benefits including allergy reduction and healing properties.

Isolate Definition: Isolate or isolates are the purest versions of any plant compound. All cannabinoids can be extracted and refined to a point of total purity. CBG Isolate, CBN isolate, and CBD isolate are all the purest available versions of these cannabinoids.

The double boiling method is a simple cooking technique used to cook and blend foods at low and indirect heat. The double boiling method works by taking a large pot filled about 1/4 full with water and then placing a smaller pot that sits above the water inside. The smaller pot is used to heat whatever you’re cooking without overheating it. In this case, we are heating up a carrier oil to blend our CBD isolate with. The double boiling method is simple, nnce the water begins to boil, add your MCT oil and CBD isolate to the pot, and stir until the isolate is no longer visible. This infused carrier oil is your ready to use CBD isolate.