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how to add cbd isolate with terpenes

Terpenes can be purchased from certain dispensaries and can definitely be purchased online. Adding terpenes to CBD isolate is almost a way to “reintroduce” the entourage effect to a product that has become devoid of it. The idea is that CBD isolate can be enhanced by the addition of liquid terpenes.

It’s interesting that something like CBD isolate should be enhanced given how much time and energy has been put into developing extraction techniques that even let us arrive at CBD isolate in the first place. But alas, one of the biggest criticisms of CBD isolate is that all it contains is CBD! Well, that was the ultimate purpose of creating CBD isolate, but for some consumers, this poses a bit of a problem.

So we might not be looking at the next big breakthrough in CBD. Actually, it wouldn’t be a breakthrough at all. It would be more like taking a step backward since CBD isolate is the breakthrough and full-spectrum was what we had before CBD isolate came along.

Enhancing CBD isolate with terpenes

One necessary byproduct of the CBD or even THC extraction process is terpenes. If extraction is performed well, terpenes can also be collected and sold as remedial substances. Essential oils are just collected terpenes, after all. When terpenes are extracted from cannabis, the result is akin to cannabis essential oil.

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In any case, a little linalool or pinene here and there is good for you, even in the absence of cannabinoids. But it might be a stretch to suggest that simply adding liquid terpenes to CBD isolate is enough to reinstate the entourage effect, something that rests on the presence of hundreds of compounds to be observed or to be a real thing.

The research on the topic of the entourage effect is scarce, at least in terms of pre-clinical trials. There is a lot of commentary about the entourage effect, but not very much strictly scientific evidence. In one 2015 study, the efficacy of full-spectrum CBD was tested against the efficacy of purified CBD on inflammation in mice subjects. The researchers concluded that full-spectrum CBD was more effective and created a more predictable dose-effect relationship. In another 2018 study, researchers discovered that full-spectrum cannabinoid products were more effective at reducing breast cancer tumors than single cannabinoids in vitro.

It is extremely easy to make your own tincture from isolate by dissolving it in high fat oils like MCT oil. All you need are the isolate, the oil, a double boiler, a funnel and a dropper bottle. To make, follow these simple instructions:

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There are two different types of cannabis plants CBD is found in:

Topically – Oils or Lotions

The first requirement to creating potent and pure CBD isolate is to make sure that the plant used for extraction is either hemp or a strain with high cannabidiol such as Harlequin or Charlotte’s Web . The plant must be grown in an organic environment with no harmful chemicals or by-product.

To begin the process of creating CBD isolate, supercritical CO2 extraction is applied to the hemp plant. This extraction process retrieves the oils containing the highest levels of CBD from the plant. After this process, the CBD is then decarboxylated . By applying the right amount of heat to the plant, CBD is converted to CBDA. You need to do this in order to create an effective product. CBD on its own does not have the effects you are looking for, so decarbing is key. Put differently, CBDA is the acidic form of CBD and is not bio-available in the body.

Once activated, the CBD hemp oil is then put through a purifying process using filtration to remove all other plant matter. Once all unwanted plant particles are gone, it is then winterized (soaked in alcohol and cooled down or frozen to remove any excess impurities remaining after the filtration process). The final product? A pure isolate crystalline or CBD powder with up to 99% pure Cannabidiol.

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CBD isolate, then, is the pure extraction of cannabidiol from a hemp plant. THC, terpenes (chemical compound responsible for taste and aroma of cannabis), other cannabinoids such as CBN, and plant matter are all removed. The result of this extraction process? A pure crystalline or powder extract of pure cannabidiol with CBD levels ranging from 95-99% purity.

The list of health issues CBD isolate has been known to treat is vast. It includes:

If the isolate is in wax form, it is normally consumed by dabbing. A dab rig is used to vaporize the isolate by heating it so it can be inhaled. If you do not like the idea of dabbing, there are other forms of isolates that do not need to be inhaled.

If you aren’t comfortable dabbing or vaping, CBD terpsolate can be found in powder form and is not affecting the lungs like dabbing and vaping do with inhalation. It is tasteless and odorless, so it can even be used in your cooking. In this way, easy-to-use CBD terpsolate powder is helping more people gain access to the world of CBD.

If you are new to CBD products, terpenes and isolates are an excellent way to make your own CBD concoctions.

Which Terpenes You Should Look Out For?

– Pinene: Pinene occurs in two forms: Alpha and beta. Both forms of pinene are found in pine needles. They emit a piney scent. Pinene may help keep you alert and energetic, and be warned, using this terpene before bedtime may also cost you your sleep.

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid (naturally occurring compound) that is present in cannabis plants. CBD isolate, which is produced in crystalline or powder form, is a chemically refined version of CBD that is extracted from hemp (cannabis). CBD does not possess psychotropic properties. Hence it is highly unlikely to alter your perception and get you “high”. But for some people, CBD use may produce potential benefits such as reduced inflammation, anxiety, and even nausea. There are studies ongoing, and research like this one aludes to medicinal benefits are being identified .

Terpenes are the chemical compounds in cannabis (marijuana and hemp) responsible for giving the different plant strains their distinctive smells. These aromatic compounds also have numerous potential beneficial properties. When consumed together with CBD, terpenes have been identified as potential regulators alongside the effects of cannabinoids.

Putting powdered CBD isolate with terpenes directly under your tongue is by far the easiest and most effective form of ingestion. Once in place, let the isolate and terpenes sit for about 60 seconds. The mucus membranes and salivary glands under your tongue will absorb the CBD into your bloodstream quickly producing the effects you seek verses just swallowing right away. CBD isolates are tasteless and odorless, but the terpenes are flavonoids that carry flavor and smell — so you shouldn’t experience any discomfort while doing this.