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how much volume wise is 5lbs of cbd powder

Of course, though, dog-specific CBD biscuits and other treats are the preferred method of administration, no matter your dog’s size or medical condition. With biscuits, you know exactly the dosage of CBD that you’re administering, and you will likely never have an issue in getting your dog to consume the medicine.

A lot of people simply give their dog CBD oil tinctures that are made for humans. While it’s probably preferable to administer a pet-specific product (for a number of different reasons which we’ll talk about below), this is perfectly fine as long as the dose is small enough.

Some people simply mix the oil up in food or other treats, but bear in mind if the oil isn’t held under the tongue for at least 30-40 seconds, the absorption efficiency (and subsequent effects) is going to be vastly diminished.

How Much CBD to Give Your Dog, Based on Size

With this in mind, CBD capsules or even topicals (especially if treating arthritis) can be a better bet for dogs, as it can be much easier to administer a proper (and effective) dosage.

Very generally speaking, a rough “jumping off” point in terms of CBD for dogs is 1 mg. Remember, in humans the jumping off point is typically only 1-3 mg, so even large dogs will only be about ⅓ the size of average humans.

We did an article not too long ago with regard to how much CBD to take (for humans), and believe it or not the same basic principles can actually be used for your pup – albeit with certain variations due to the obvious differences in size/weight.

That being said, the first thing you need to do is figure out exactly what you’re trying to treat. If you’ve already taken your dog to the vet and received an actual veterinary diagnosis, then all the better. However, the majority of owners who use CBD for dogs do so as a kind of simple “self-medication,” mostly due to the fact that it is illegal – in any state – for veterinarians to recommend (or even so much talk about) using marijuana for dogs.

Fortunately, this is not an issue for the vast majority of cannabis consumers. It would only be a concern if you were buying in bulk from a person trying to use a 3.5-gram-per-eighth baseline. But if you’re buying in bulk, you’ll probably just be dealing with straight pounds anyway.

Keep in mind that the wide variations in the shape, size, and density of flower make it impossible to accurately determine how much weed you’re dealing with just by looking at it. So if you want to truly know how much you’re buying, your only option is to weigh it out.

Weed is typically measured in ounces and there are 16 ounces in a single pound of weed. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Metric complications

Using this as our starting point, we can calculate the following:

There are 16 ounces in a pound. And because weight is simply a way of measuring an object’s mass, there are 16 ounces of weed in 1 pound of weed — just as there are 16 ounces in a pound of anything else in the world you might be weighing.

Just when you think you’ve mastered understanding how many ounces are in a pound of weed, the cannabis world goes and complicates things. While weed is typically sold and bought in fractions of an ounce, there are also many times when smaller units of cannabis are sold and bought. When this occurs, it’s almost always going to be in grams, which is a metric unit.

The basics of understanding how many ounces are in a pound of weed are pretty straightforward. What really matters to weed consumers is understanding what a weight of marijuana translates to in terms of actual consumption.

11 lb (division sign) 2.2 = 5 kg

If you are using HempRx, 1 mg equals 2 drops. I recommend starting with 2 drops twice daily and increase to 4 drops twice daily. If you are using HempRx Forte, 1 mg equals 1 drop. The starting dose would be 1 drop twice daily, increasing to 2 drops twice daily. I recommend staying at the starting dose for 2-3 days to ensure that your kitty tolerates CBD and the ingredients in the soft chew.

For example, HempRx has 15 mg of CBD per milliliter (mL) of oil. If I have calculated my dose to 4 mg of CBD twice daily, I simply divide 4 by 15 to get the number of milliliters of oil I need to give my kitty.

Choosing A Dose

4 mg (divided by sign) 15 mg = 0.266 ml

In this article, I am going to walk you through how to calculate a dose of CBD for your kitty.

Step 3: Use the concentration of the CBD product you are using to calculate the volume of oil you should administer. Depending on the product you are using, this is easier said than done. If you are using HempRx or HempRx Forte, it’s REALLY simple! HempRx has 0.5 mg per drop. HempRx Forte has 1 mg per drop. For example if you need to give your kitty 3 mg of CBD twice daily. You could use 6 drops of the HempRx or 3 drops of the HempRx Forte twice daily.

If you want to skip the calculations, I have a dosing chart here. However, if you want to calculate the dose yourself, here is how.