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how much cbd gummies you take reddit

However my symptoms been getting worse recently. The reason i take cbd oil is for my tourettes and when i get anxious my symptoms exacerbate. I have been pretty stressed at work recently and have tight deadlines so i think my tic got worse with some anxiety. And cbd oil isn’t helping.

Hi all, I started taking CBD oil with small amount of THC. Its Aphria’s Rideau I started as suggested by doctor, 0.2ml per dose, twice a day. Increase by 0.1 per dose every two to three days.

I have been taking on and off recently cuz i was busy at work and i also travelled out of country so its illegal to bring it with me.

I just want to know. Is 0.45ml per dose for the cbd content (in the website link) too small? I weigh 130lb 5’9” male. I’m kind of skinny.

Also, i can’t imagine taking more then that and its already hard because the oil tastes so bad. They gave me a syringe and i need to measure out the amount and even 0.45ml tastes really bad.

Now i take 0.45 ml per dose twice a day and i try to make sure i take it and not miss it.

If i need to increase more, is there any suggestions to make it easier to take?

I get opposite, anxiety, heart racey, a touch dizzy.

Considering some may be cautious to use after reading this, especially those suffering from anxiety. Could you clarify what is too much for you? etc. Last thing i want to do to relieve pain and relax is to end up lying around with my heart racing.

I just get tired.

Your body doesn’t want to do anything. I’ve sat on my couch for hours after taking too much. It’s not that you can’t, you’re just very comfortable by not moving. Haven’t had any actual issues from it tho.

If you take more than your ideal dose (assuming you don’t yet know what that is), what will happen, what will you feel like?

super commonly asked question and it has no real answer. Self medication is all highly personal. Some people suggest the less is more theory, but the best way to find out is to experiment.

Bioavailability is a thing. Going the oral route is easy but the least effective per mg of CBD consumed. We are talking vape = 40%, sublingual = 35%, and oral at 6-15%. Insert sad face.

i started my dosing using a 5 mg in tincture form and the most I've taken is 40 mg. just play around with it and you will find what makes you feel good =)

I would think gummies are more labor intensive to make and would be more costly than capsules or tablets. Of course, oils would for sublingual would be cheapest due to less labor involved.

CBD is short acting so you should be taking it when you need it. In the case of anxiety I would assume that is in the morning and throughout the day, but if you have trouble sleeping then perhaps at night. good luck!