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how many cbd gummies can i eat a day

CBD oil will tell you the total amount of CBD as well as how much CBD is in each drop. This makes it easy to figure out how many drops you need in order to get the desired dosage. If the company doesn’t have that information, you can contact customer service.

Before you even begin considering taking CBD, it’s important you speak with your doctor beforehand to ensure they’re giving you the green light. You don’t want it to interact negatively with any medications you may be currently taking. They may also help you by giving a dosage recommendation.

Trial and Error

You’ll need to remember that finding the correct dosage for you is a trial and error process, even if you’re working with your doctor. Your body chemistry or weight may require you to take more or less CBD.

Since there are so many variables, you’ll want to start at a smaller dosage and gradually increase it to achieve the effect you desire. Write down the dosage you’re taking each day so that you don’t forget along with how you felt after taking the CBD.

Remember that it may also take up to two months to feel differently from the dosage you’re taking, even if it’s the correct amount. It’s important that you remain patient and temper your expectations, as taking CBD may not be a quick way to eliminate your pain, stress, or anxiety.

The key is to only take a little amount of CBD in the morning. This sets the day up to be as stress-free as possible before it even starts.

It is easy to pop a gummy into our mouth and chew it, compared to taking a pill. People sometimes have the tendency to find it hard to swallow when anxious, meaning CBD gummies are even better.

Most people will opt for CBD gummies for sleep because of their fast-acting nature. There is no waiting for a pill to dissolve in the stomach, but rather there is a mainline underneath our tongue which immediately helps nutrients absorb.

Daily Focus: 5mgs to 15mgs

High blood pressure can negatively affect our heart and the rest of our cardiovascular system. It delays nutrient delivery and makes our heart work harder unnecessarily. Lowering blood pressure can help with healthy cholesterol levels and even healthy blood sugar levels.

But inflammation can range from one specific area like a single knee, all the way to your entire body. This is why it requires such a high dosage.

Thanks to CBD oil’s ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, this makes it a perfect combo with caffeine. Caffeine will provide the daily energy and mental alertness, while CBD takes away from those caffeine jitters.

CBD can range in purpose from sleep to inflammation relief. Here’s your in-depth guide to learning how many CBD gummies you should be eating.