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honey cbd oil sticks

CBD products have been hitting the market on droves recently and this is all thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties and the numerous health benefits they give you. And with popularity, comes a lot of changes and alterations to the products in order to appeal to the wider audience. We have the article about how to use CBD honey sticks for you to read!

Severe cases of CBD honey side effects would include the interference with the liver’s functions which is detrimental to the body.

What Are CBD Honey Sticks

THC which is a prevalent compound in cannabinoids only make up 0.3% (or lower) in cbd products. The compound is known for its psychoactive effects but having it in a concentration less than 0.3% isn’t enough to get people high.

One important change was the method of taking CBD, why use droplets when you can mix it with honey and eat it directly? That’s exactly where CBD honey sticks come from and you can eat it directly or mix it with tea and enjoy the sweet taste of honey along with the benefits that CBD brings you.

People like sweet things and having CBD infused honey is a good way to make CBD products more palatable for the masses.

Because they have the same look, feel, and size of a straw, you can easily throw a handful in a small bag or your purse for on-the-go use. It’s that type of accessibility and convenience that makes them a fan favorite among CBD enthusiasts. This sweet treat also gives users an alternative to edibles and tinctures for those who aren’t interested in using a vape pen or dabbing but want to ingest their CBD orally.

For a product that is convenient to carry, easy to use, and tastes like a dessert, it’s hard to find any negatives. However, there are a few minor things to be mindful of if you use CBD honey sticks. Because of the consistency of the honey, some users do find that it can cause symptoms of dry mouth and increased thirst.

Our Favorite CBD Honey Product:

Medterra’s cream features New Zealand Manuka Honey. It’s then blended with either 125 or 250mg of CBD and 20+ botanical parts to soothe and nourish skin.

Because of the way the sticks themselves are all pre-packaged, and dosing isn’t necessarily up to the user’s discretion, finding the right amount for you and the condition or ailment you’re trying to address should be easy. The packaging on your CBD honey sticks will give you guidance on the amount of CBD hemp extract included in each straw, but it’s likely to be up to 15 milligrams per.

Step 1: Remove the CBD honey stick from your purse, backpack, or pocket.

American Shaman has one of the most diverse lineups of CBD products we’ve seen yet. It’s no surprise this company is already on board with their own version of CBD-infused honey sticks as well.

Recently, manufacturers have started producing CBD-infused honey as an alternative to bitter-tasting CBD oils.

The Brothers Apothecary

Most honey-sticks come with a premeasured dose already, so you don’t need to do any calculations or measurements to find the right dose.

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You can also find other flavors of honey from this brand, including: