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hemp bombs cbd gummies 125 mg drug test

Next, they list stress reduction. CBD has definitely shown some ability to release stress and if Hemp Bomb gummies provide an adequate dose of CBD for your stress, you can expect it can enhance your quality of life.

Hemp Bombs big selling point is its gummies taste good and are easy to take. They do have the 3 rd party labs and though our Facebook reviews seemed so so, people did say it made them sleepy which suggests it must have the CBD in it and is not a rip-off. Also, Hemp Bombs made the decision to use CBD isolate, so you’re not getting Hemp Bomb CBD and terpenes together for the entourage effect. There are upside and downside to that. There could be fewer things you might be allergic to, but then you get no entourage effect. You get a purer dosage of CBD, the cannabinoid used in the CBD studies.

Hemp Bombs hemp oil

Hemp Bombs then list reducing inflammation as an effect of CBD, and this is also backed by scientific studies of CBD. CBD can reduce inflammation and therefore reduce feelings of pain and fatigue.

Lastly, CBD can be used as a sleep aid, another use backed by research.

Our Rating: B, pretty good. If you see this product in a headshop, it’s worth a try. You can scan the QR code right there in the store and see the 3 rd party labs. Points off for lack of company info on the website and making claims that draw FDA scrutiny.
Hemp Bombs prides itself on its affordability and great flavors in its gummies. It markets its products for several everyday life stresses. One is for relief of everyday aches and pains. On the website, it lists pain caused by fibromyalgia and RA. Such claims can run afoul of FDA restrictions. They are only allowed to market CBD as a supplement for non-medical purposes, such as stress or everyday pain. This is a mark of a company that is up and coming, but this is hopefully just a minor flaw.

This extensive, innovative CBD brand offers a wide variety of ingestible extracts ranging from the traditional tinctures to gummy candies to relaxation syrup — even a CBD-infused “shot” that’s similar in packaging to the familiar shot-style energy drink, but with very different effects. Hemp Bombs sells an array of topical products including a pain rub and tattoo balm, in addition to some pretty solid beard products. They also offer pet products that are easy and convenient to dose and contain no potentially harmful additives. Some of Hemp Bomb’s most popular products include:

Hemp Bombs is based in Tampa, Florida.

Hemp Bombs makes it easy to get your hands on their premium CBD line. You can order directly from their website and have your products shipped to any of the 50 U.S. states.

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Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze is one of their most heavily sought-after topicals, probably because it combines CBD with menthol for a cooling, pain-relieving sensation that helps knock out pain fast. It’s really light and absorbs quickly, which is nice compared to some of the thicker, greasier products on the market.

Hemp Bombs batch tests their products through an independent laboratory to ensure that the potency of the product matches what’s on the label. These results are available online for view by the general public at all times

Hemp Bombs is committed to lessening their environmental impact and uses only sustainably produced starting material to create products that are pure, potent, and effective without any detectable amount of THC whatsoever. Their products are created with an eye toward anxiety and tension relief in particular, and several of them are amplified with organic compounds like mentha piperita, skullcap, and passiflora to boost the effects of naturally-derived CBD. Their consumable products in particular are designed with anxiety relief in mind, with soothing effects that can alleviate tension, racing thoughts, and insomnia.

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