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Not sure what it is about their mixture, but it wasn't for me. Maybe some might find relief from it, but I'd steer clear, especially if you have other options. Just my two cents.

It's hard to explain. First, the gummies hardly tasted like CBD whatsoever, even if they did taste "good." Second, the effects weren't overall pleasant. It had the usual CBD effect of quieting and calming my mind, my body felt lighter, and all those nice things, but it came with an increased sense of depression and overall apathy. It also made me slightly off-balance. It really just made me want to do nothing and go to bed, rather than the usual feeling of well being and like I can actually enjoy my relaxation time. And to be sure it wasn't just my mood that day, this happened with all five gummies, five times.

Title. I was at a local tobacco shop and they sell CBD products. I have limited experience (a good vape pen experience from Canna Trading Co that really worked and tasted great, but battery died early, and straight flower from Tweedle which is amazing) and I was out of CBD, so when I noticed the shop had Hemp Bomb 15/mg gummies, five for six bucks, I decided to give it a chance. Did a little research and saw they used to contain Phenibut, bad sign, but they don't anymore. Still, it contains a lot of other stuff in their mixture like passionflower and l-theanine, etc. I still decided to take one to give it a shot and it was not a great experience.

EDIT: Why is my thread being downvoted? I'm giving a legit experience report. I think these are common in gas stations/tobacco stores so I wanted to let people know.

I would recommend avoiding Hemp Bombs products.

Thanks for the reply my good man

Interesting. My experience has only been with their ejuice. I've tried hemp bombs ejuice and I know people who have great experiences with their ejuice. Their lab reports on their website are a bit outdated, but that was the only red flag I saw. The ingredients list for on the eliquid has no other additives. Is this an issue with products other than their CBD ejuice? Or do you think they could be putting false information on their labels?

If you’re gonna tell someone to avoid something give them a reason.

I'm thinking about getting some gummies from a local store. Just trying to get some feedback.