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healthworx cbd capsules

Promo code: AMMA

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If ever a different product was delivered or is damaged, Healthworx will pay for the return fee. This also applies to overseas customers.

How Does Healthworx Pricing Compare With That of Other Brands?

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Promo code: AMMA

Promo code: AMMA

Healthworx’s honest, top-shelf products are a bit expensive, but the price sure is reasonable.

Healthworx CBD Crystals

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• Colorado-based company that focuses on making pure, non-GMO, pesticide-free CBD oil

All the same price and strength, the 1,000mg CBD shatter from Healthworx CBD goes by a range of different names, though they’re all similar to the THC counterpart. Girl Scout Cookies or OG Kush, as a few examples, are two of the names for the CBD shatter available. Don’t let the names fool you, though – this shatter will not get you high. Instead, it will provide intense medicinal effects, making it ideal for those with intense chronic pain or other serious conditions, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

Healthworx runs all their products through a 3rd-party lab test and makes finding these results convenient. Within each of their product pages, you'll find a picture of these lab tests right next to the picture of the product itself. By clicking on this, you'll receive all the information you need in terms of these lab results.