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health and wellness cbd cream

Apply a generous amount to the desired area and firmly massage into the skin for the best effect. Relief can last for 2-8 hours. Can be reapplied as needed or desired for maximum relief.

Lab-tested CBD. Third-party and fourth-party batch tested to confirm potency.

Aroma: Light coconut

Our Coconut cream comes out smooth and creamy – the perfect lotion blend that absorbs quickly for both moisture and healing effects.

Mild 3.8oz. 750MG

Kathy Irelandʼs experience within the beauty industry has always been best-in-class and consistently stands for fashion, quality, value, and safety. Before doing anything, Kathy likes to ask: Is it kind? Is it honest? Is it fair?

As one of the most recogizable women in business, kathy ireland has created an assortment of high quality American-made wellness products that are sure to set a new standard for customers seeking natural solutions to complement their health and wellness regimen.

We are excited to introduce you to the launch of our unique hemp-derived CBD product line: kathy ireland® HEALTH & WELLNESS CBD Solutions .

We invite you to experience kathy ireland® HEALTH & WELLNESS CBD Solutions !