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Rob Gronkowski says he first turned to CBD not to treat the pain that pushed him to retire from football, but because of an injury from another sport: Soccer.

Over this summer’s Fourth of July holiday, Gronkowski was up on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire with family and friends, including his girlfriend Camille Kostek. And apparently the vacation wasn’t all as picturesque as Kostek’s photos on Instagram made it out to be.

In a podcast interview released Sunday with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the retired New England Patriots tight end said a heated barefoot soccer match resulted in three badly stubbed toes.

What does this mean? Highly-targeted relief and zero harmful side effects.

When it comes to CBD, I think I can speak for everyone when I say I want a product that targets pain right at the source – and fast.

And it doesn’t end there.

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As the first CBD topical brand in the world, CBDMEDIC is no rookie when it comes to high-quality CBD.

Now going by the title “Mr. Recovery,” Gronk’s new passion is making high-quality CBD more accessible for everyone suffering from pain, and CBDMEDIC demonstrates this with some of the most affordable prices we’ve seen.

This was all after a quad injury during the second quarter of the Super Bowl left Gronk out of commission for weeks due to internal bleeding.

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The new product line is called CBD Medic, which Gronkowski and Antelman brought to the FOX segment to showcase. The package, worth $39.99, includes several products, which the twosome attempted to convince the host to try out. However, the package proved too difficult to open to display the actual product.

Rob Gronkowski used to be a player with the NFL, but his recent endeavors are leading him to the CBD industry instead. According to reports from FOX Business, Gronkowski has partnered with Perry Antelman, the CEO of Abacus Health Products, to get involved.

Gronkowski says that he left the NFL when the inflammation started getting to him, but the use of CBD is helping to handle that discomfort for his daily life. Although there are rumors floating around the the New England Patriot tightend is plotting his NFL comeback return for week 14, fans and the defending Super Bowl champions will just have to wait and see what unfolds in the coming months.

Antelman was featured on the show, stating that CBD is able to reduce pain and “calm the nerves.” He spoke briefly about the approval by the FDA to use CBD to treat epilepsy with Epidiolex, stating that the dose was an extremely high concentration to do so. Still, he supports his statements of pain-relieving qualities by saying that there are already “plenty” of scientific studies performed to show this.

The products from Abacus Health are entirely topical, which means that no one has to vape the products to get the desired benefits. Gronkowski jumped in by saying that he wishes that he was able to use CBD while in the NFL, which is likely due to the ban by the NFL. However, to soothe his current pain, Gronkowski pointed out that he uses it now to remain active and participate in recreational sports.

Here is the entire Fox Business video clip of Gronk talking about CBD Medic and his CBD use:

When asked if he was retired from professional football by Yahoo! Finance, he stated, “First off, to come back, you know, they’re gonna have to legalize CBD in the NFL. But I feel like they’re on their way to do it, which will be great.” However, he added that he would have to be “feeling that feel” to come back, and that anything can happen.