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good life cbd cream

Introducing the new GoodLife Cannabidiol Pain Relief Cream! This rich and creamy intensive cream formula is loaded with beneficial essential oils and over 500mg of CBD hemp extract. Our pain relief cream relieves sore muscles, leg cramps, joint pain, and arthritis: pain is targeted and soothed while moisturizing your skin. It’s a difference you can feel. THC free and non-psychoactive.

Directions: Rub a generous amount on the affected area 4 times a day

All our CBD products are 99.7% pure and THC-free. We ship to all 50 states.

Essential oils such as Hemp oils can have certain health benefits for users and are THC-free. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance in marijuana that causes ‘high’ feelings and other less desirable side effects. Since our CBD oils are over 99.7% pure, they will never cause any psychoactive effects.

VeggieVite MultiVitamin

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a compound naturally occurring in cannabis flowers. The history of cannabis compounds used for medicinal purposes goes back thousands of years, and various doctors are currently testing CBD in order to determine its health benefits. CBD is non-addictive and, although related to THC, it does not cause the same effects of intoxication. The reason for this is that CBD and THC react differently once within the brain.

There is a lot of buzz about CBD oils as alternative form of medicine for some conditions as of late. With so many companies jumping into the industry, it can be overwhelming trying to sort fact from fiction.

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GoodLife Cannabidiol CBD Gummies! High in CBD, these gummies set the new industry standard with significant health benefits. CBD has been used as a treatment for many ailments, such as chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, and cancer. Because of the NON-GMO Full Spectrum Hemp Extract that we use, these hemp products are non-psychoactive: CBD works with our naturally occurring systems, and is non-psychotropic- it does not cause a high. Our GoodLife Gummies come in many delicious, assorted flavors.

Available in 75mg, 150mg 300mg


Introducing Goodlife Cannabidiol’s new Green Apple/Peach Gummie Rings! Many people are seeking alternatives to pharmaceuticals with harsh side effects and prefer a more natural medicine. CBD can provide relief for chronic pain, anxiety, inflamation, depression, and many other conditions. CBD Gummies are an easy and convenient way to precisely dose your CBD intake. With 20 individually infused 10mg pieces, these crisp green apple rings are a tasty way to enjoy your CBD on the go! Available in 100mg and 200mg.

Introducing the new GoodLife CBD Tinctures! Cannbidiol or CBD is the second most prevalent canabinoid in cannabis. While CBD is a component of marijuana (one of hundreds), by itself it does not cause a “high.” The human body contains an endocannabinoid system that receives and translates signals from cannabinoids. The ECS helps to regulate functions such as sleep, immune-system responses, and pain. CBD stands out because it is both non-intoxicating and displays a broad range of potential medical applications including helping with anxiety, inflammation, pain, and seizures. Try Goodlife CBD Tincture today! Available in 150mg, 350mg and 1000mg.