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Gelato and a show. Watch the expert chefs at Piccolina Gelateria prepare your delicious dessert from the long bar which runs alongside the kitchen. Head chef Sandra Foti and her team make traditional gelato using all-natural ingredients according to secret family recipes. Offerings include 20 regular flavours and four types of granita as well as four weekly specials. You can also choose to top your gelato with decadent liquid chocolate which is churned on-site.

Serving up American-style ice cream, Sundae School offers creamy custard-based ice cream with chunky ingredients folded through. The revamped vintage milk bar houses ten rotating ice cream flavours such as strawberry and black pepper sherbet, apple pie, bacon, banana and brown butter, and real bubblegum. You can also choose from a selection of dreamy house-made syrups and crunchy textures, as well as snack on ice cream sandwiches and malted milkshakes with homemade soft serve.

6. Piccolina Gelateria

One of Sydney’s coolest exports, Gelato Messina opened the doors to its first Melbourne location in 2013. Now with locations in Windsor and Richmond, Gelato Messina is known for its extensive range of ice cream and gelato made fresh and full of flavour. Wait times can be pretty long, even on cold days, with lines being known to stretch all the way around the corner. But rest assured, the rich range of icy delights is well worth the wait. Try the apple pie ice cream with home-baked cinnamon, coffee ice cream, salted caramel, pear and rhubarb, classic chocolate or any of the other 40 flavours on offer. Gelato Messina also serves up rotating seasonal flavours and a selection of other delicious dessert options.

Sea salt soft serve may have originated in Japan, but Aqua S brought it south in 2016. The super creamy soft serve comes in the signature sea salt flavour in a dreamy aqua blue, as well as two other varieties which are rotated fortnightly. Past tastes have included lemon cheesecake, pandan and English breakfast. You can also choose from a vast array of extravagant toppings such as popping candy, fairy floss and grilled marshmallows.

Ice cream is the real MVP of food. Even when it’s bad, it’s good, and let’s be real, it’s very rarely bad. Young, old or in-between. Rain, hail or shine. Soft serve, gelato or sorbet, ice cream is always a good idea. Here in Melbourne, we’re undoubtedly spoilt for choice when it comes to the enormous amount of artisan ice cream options available to us. However, you should not be expected to waste valuable ice cream eating time trying to figure out where to go. Deciding on a flavour, cup or cone and how many scopes should be the hardest decisions that you have to make. To help you narrow down your choice, we’ve put together a list of the best ice cream and gelato shops in Melbourne.

Now we have choices like ice cream brioche or tacos, fairy floss clouds or candied bacon, and charcoal, sea salt or ube. No matter how you roll, here are the super-duper scoopers serving Melbourne’s best ice cream, gelato and soft serve. Don’t want to venture out to get your ice cream? We’ve also added info on how to get it delivered to your door.

Melbourne’s ice cream and gelato scene has evolved significantly over the last few years. The past was uncomplicated: decisions such as cone or cup, vanilla or chocolate, and Flake or no Flake were as flamboyant as things got.

Melbourne’s best ice cream and gelato

Delivery? Yes, via the website or Uber Eats.

Delivery? Yes, via Uber Eats.

Lilly Stuckings (nee Papa, as in Gelato Papa) is a second-generation gelato maker whose Sicilian family have been making gelato for over 40 years. Gelato Papa has two stores (in Fairfield and Preston) and uses ingredients sourced as locally as possible, which means figs, lemons and Vietnamese mint comes from a neighbour’s garden and prickly pears are foraged from the empty lot a few blocks from the shop. Expect flavours like chocolate; coconut and yoghurt; and Nutella alongside seasonal favourites like yuzu curd in mandarin gelato; passionfruit; and blood orange.