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gas stations that sell cbd gummies

That said, getting your mom a card that says stop looking at your phone before bed or a psychotherapy appointment may not go over well at Christmas dinner.

The negative effects of taking too much CBD may include upset stomach and diarrhea, according to the FDA, which also warns that CBD may potentially cause liver injury or negatively interact with other medications.

If the product doesn’t say where the hemp was grown, ask a store clerk or email the website selling the products for more information. If they don’t know, or don’t provide a way to contact a human being for answers, shop elsewhere.

8. Full-spectrum or isolate

Some CBD producers will lie about how much CBD is in their product. They can also be intentionally shady about what’s inside.

Last year, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University unexpectedly found synthetic cannabis, which may cause psychoactive effects, anxiety, and confusion in CBD e-cigarettes made by manufacturer Diamond CBD. They also detected a cough suppressant, which acts as a sedative. A few months ago, The Associated Press tested 30 vape products sold as CBD both legitimately and on the black market and found a third included synthetic cannabis, commonly known as the dangerous street drugs K2 or spice.

For sleep, he advises not looking at screens an hour before bed or going to bed at a regular time every night before “shelling out for any alleged sleep aid.” As for anxiety, he quips, “12 sessions of psychotherapy may be cheaper than a lifetime of CBD.”

Moreover, it tends to be easier to take a consistent amount of CBD when you consume it versus smoke it, according to researchers at the University of Turin in Italy.

It’s worth noting here that there are two distinct variations of CBD oil on the market, hemp-derived CBD oil and marijuana-derived CBD oil. Hemp-derived CBD oil is available just about anywhere and that’s what this article is focused on.

Can you find that on the label of the gas station CBD product? Probably not.

The Risks of Gas Station CBD

CBD tinctures and liquids deliver CBD oil in a versatile liquid form and are taken under the tongue for the fastest absorption, swallowed, or mixed into foods and beverages. Our CBD tinctures also come with easy-to-read labels.

The following is a statement from the FDA, which sums up what they do know about cannabis-derived products, including hemp-derived CBD.

The hemp and CBD businesses that earn the Certified Seal from the U.S. Hemp Authority have met the organization’s stringent self-regulatory quality and safety standards, in addition to passing a third-party audit. To date, only 27 Certification Seals to hemp and CBD businesses have been awarded.

In particular, there are several gas station CBD brands that you should always avoid.

Yet another problem with gas station CBD is the types of products you’re likely to encounter.

On top of all that, Hemp Bombs was one of the companies hit with a class-action lawsuit in 2019 for selling products that do not contain as much CBD as advertised.

The Best Gas Station CBD Brands

While CBD oil is the most popular and effective form of CBD, gas stations often sell more convenient options like edibles (gummies, chocolate, etc.) and drinks.

Short answer: no. Although gas station CBD can work, it’s usually of low quality. It often contains less CBD than advertised on the label and has a higher chance of having unsafe THC levels and contaminants.

Gas station CBD is also more likely to contain pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants like mold and bacteria.

You might get lucky and find products from reputable, high-quality CBD companies.