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fairwinds cbd capsules review

The Fairwinds tincture line is vast, including products that help with digestion, anxiety and energy level. The company also has the popular CBD Ratio line, with tinctures of varying potency of CBD to THC, from 20:1 to 1:1, for people who don’t really want the intoxicating effects of cannabis.

Then I tried another Fairwinds product because of its quirkiness – Sriracha THC Tincture. The little tincture container is a hoot, looking like a mini version of the ubiquitous hot chili sauce bottles that feature a strutting rooster on the label.

Most of Fairwinds’ tinctures also use avocado oil, which helps the body absorb it. Fairwinds was the first to use avocado oil, and now competitors “are copying us,” Alden said.

Tinctures aren’t the only thing Fairwinds does. The company also produces topicals – its Flow gels and creams are among their best-sellers – capsules, coffee, vape cartridges, and now Fairwinds has a potential game-changer on the cannabis market.

“Washington doesn’t allow vertical integration in its cannabis business, but we are as vertically integrated as we can be,” Alden said.

When I first tried cannabis tinctures a few years ago, I wrote them off as being ineffective.

OK, Fairwinds was two-for-two. Clearly, this company knew what it was doing when it came to cannabis tinctures.

Will I eventually build up a tolerance?
“Consumers of any type of cannabinoid are likely to develop a level of tolerance (just like with any other medication or supplement). If building up a high tolerance is a concern, taking short breaks can help act as a reset button!

What makes the two Fairwinds’ Spectrum tinctures different aside from their “AM” and “PM” formula labels?
“One of the things that makes Fairwinds unique is our inclusion of other herbal extracts and essential oils – it’s why we have such a wide variety of tinctures and capsules instead of just a few different ratios.

Chances are you know about the cannabinoid CBD and that all of our CBD products are sourced from cannabis as opposed to hemp. This means all of our CBD products contain THC in varying amounts- even if it is miniscule. At Dockside you may have seen some product descriptions or titles that contain ratios like 1:1, 10:1 or 20:1. Confused? You’re not alone. We get a lot of questions about dosing and the difference between various ratios.

What CBD ratio can I take and get work done without getting high?
“Our entire Ratio Series is designed to be functional for everyone who uses it; however, as each person has their own unique system and tolerance, we would recommend starting with the 20:1 or 10:1 ratios for those who may be concerned about a potential impact on their clear-headedness.”

Since a lot of the questions we receive are about Fairwinds’ broad offering of tinctures and capsules, we interviewed Randi from their team in order to clear up confusion about CBD ratios, correct dosing, and which tinctures are best to find relief while keeping a clear head. Here’s what we learned: