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exotica farms cbd tincture

Whether you are looking for Indicas, Sativas or Hybrids they have what you are looking for. Competitively priced products that they maintain strict quality control over from seed to the consumer, so you can be assured you are receiving top shelf product without question. Feel free to browse our inventory, and if you have any questions we would be happy to address any concerns you may have.

Edibles – THC and CBD variants available

Flower – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids

Welcome to Exotica Farms, if you are like many others that are tired of relying on prescription meds to alleviate your aches and pains, look no further. While they don’t make any medical claims for their products, many people use natural products and have reported promising results without the side effects of prescription drugs. Exotica Farms takes pride in delivering high quality cannabis products to their consumers. Based in Vancouver they strive to make your experience one that you won’t forget in an effort to establish a personal relationship that will keep you coming back for years to come.

A very convenient method of consuming cannabis products if you have respiratory issues, or you don’t want to deal with having to make your own.

Secret Question: Your Order Number 12768

As we pack orders after hours on Friday and on the weekend to keep up with the volume of orders, please note that you may receive a notification stating that your order is shipped during those hours, however as Canada Post only picks up and delivers package on business days, your order will actually see updates on the tracking number when Canada Post accepts the package most likely on the next upcoming business day.

As per the information provided in the question above, if our orders have been cut-off for the day (which happens at the discretion of our shipping team and can be at any time of the day, usually close to 12PM EST), we do have to wait until we receive notice from our shipping team to process further orders, which, in most cases, means it will be processed the next morning.

How long does it take to accept my Interac E-Transfer and process the order?

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Our coupons and promotions cannot be combined with on-sale items. If a coupon code doesn’t work with your checkout, check to see if the product was already on sale, is a Bundled deal, or is Mix & Match. These products are already discounted and can’t be further reduced. We will not honour coupons that are used in error.

Treat your pupper to some delicious snacks! These CBD loaded treats not only taste good, but are good for a healthy doggo heart!

The cannabis indica strain will provide a relaxing feeling which is why it’s synonymous with the term “In da couch” and provides a relaxing feeling and mellow mood. It is the strain that is often used for medicinal purposes as it’s effective for treating sleeping disorders, aches and pains. Indica is also commonly used to treat many disorders and diseases including fibromyalgia, parkinsons and multiple sclerosis.