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equilibrium water solubility of cbd isolate

Liposome – an artificially formed lipid droplet, small enough to form a relatively stable suspension in aqueous media and with potential use in drug delivery.

Is the CBD actually made soluble? Is the description of the actual product(s) (and underlining processes) truthful?

Suspension: A suspension is similar to a colloid where the particle size ranges from about 200 nm to 1,000 nm. The particles can often be separated out by normal filtration or centrifugation. The particles are more susceptible to coagulation or settling than with a colloid.

Solution: In a solution the solute and solvents consist of only one phase. A solution is homogenous and will not separate over any period of time. A solution cannot be separated by standard filtration or centrifugation. A solution transmits light and looks transparent. The solute size is molecular or ionic and less than 1 nm in all dimensions.

Micelle – A Micelle is a particle of colloidal dimensions that exists in equilibrium with the molecules or ions in solution from which it is formed. Using micelle formation to disperse CBD forms a colloid not a solution.

Dispersion: A process in which particles are dispersed in a continuous phase of a different composition. Dispersion is mostly related to solute particles. The dispersion of solute particles in solvents (e.g. water) leads to the formation of colloids or suspensions.

Solubility of a solute: LogS is way of calculating a compounds water solubility vs solution pH, expressed as the log10 of that solubility in moles/liter. The calculation can easily be converted to mg/ml. Using this calculator, the intrinsic solubility of CBD is 0.0004 mg/ml. at a pH rage from 4 to 10.

Water-soluble CBD oil is an easy and convenient method of adding CBD to your lifestyle. The CBD industry has taken off over the past five years. It seemed the only product missing was one that allowed you to take your CBD in a tasty beverage. Water-soluble CBD does precisely that. Not to mention, it has high bioavailability, and doses are easy to measure. You won’t find a better range of water-soluble CBD products anywhere else in the UK.

CBD will not dissolve into the water without some treatment process. This is because CBD starts as oil, and water and oil do not mix. This means when you use CBD oil, your body has to process the substance before you use it. Therefore, it often takes some time to see the benefits. Making the CBD particles water-soluble could help you feel better quicker and reduce stress on your body.

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Making the naturally hydrophobic CBD compounds water-soluble eliminates the need for your body to transform them. CBD molecules flow into your system and start to do their job straight away.

Water-soluble CBD is one of the most accessible and effective forms of CBD on the market today. Let’s discuss these benefits below in more detail.

PuroCuro water-soluble CBD contains 150 mg of CBD. The product is highly absorbable thanks to pure CBD, which is combined with distilled and ionised water. This makes it great for rubbing into tired and aching muscles.