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endoca salve with 750mg cbd

Ingredients include:

Made 100% of natural and organic, food grade ingredients. CBD administered topically is absorbed directly through the skin.

One 30ml bottle of salve contains 750mg of CBD (Cannabidiol).

All Endoca Products Are

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Don’t worry about using a precise amount of hemp salve on your skin. Play it by ear, since your body may need more or less than the next person. Just keep in mind that a little goes a long way, and this salve is 7.5 – 15x stronger than most of its competitors. There’s no negative side to using more, so feel free to experiment to find the perfect amount for your skin’s unique needs.

With clean hands, apply the Endoca Hemp Salve to a clean area of skin. Many find this easiest to do right after a shower or bath. Massage the salve into your skin until satisfied; then go about your day as the salve absorbs into your skin and does its job!

Full-spectrum CBD extract is full of various cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. Full-spectrum CBD extract is also sometimes referred to as the “whole-plant” extract. This CBD type also contains trace levels of THC. Full-spectrum CBD products are also popular thanks to the phenomenon known as “the entourage effect”. This is when all plant compounds work together to amplify the benefits of CBD.

This Hemp Salve by Endoca comes in two strengths, 250mg and 750mg . Endoca takes pride in only using organically sourced and tested high-quality ingredients that will nourish your skin. The product helps revitalise, restore, and rejuvenate the skin. Endoca’s CBD Salve contains full-spectrum CBD so you can experience the full benefits of the hemp plant. This superior botanical formula is ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

CBD isolate

Endoca’s CBD Salve is not formulated to be used as a medicine; it can’t prevent, cure or treat any disease.

CBD can be used even in high doses with little to no side effects. CBD boasts therapeutic properties and is well-tolerated in humans. Scientists also identified the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) within cannabis plants. Researchers found out that it was the substance behind the “stoned” effect of cannabis. Thus, without THC, all cannabis-infused products are non-intoxicating. In other words, they will not cause “high” sensation or experience any intoxicating effects.

Endoca uses hemp which is grown organically in Denmark.