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dr ogx cbd cream

What sets this drink apart from the cornucopia of available cannabis products?

Cannabinoids seemed to stop the seizures, at least for some time. The challenge became finding a way to get the most cannabinoids into Casey without oil as the carrier. Steve and Q Mushi developed a 100 percent water-soluble drink. They combined old school medicine with a modern approach by using a high power gravity chamber, instead of solvents, to extract the medicine. “By changing the atmospheric pressure, and charging the positive ions, this will allow the important cannabinoids to be transferred from plant to air. From the gas state we change to liquid state through pressure and temperature change,” Steve explained. Casey was in mid-seizure at one point, drank Dr. OGX, and the seizure stopped immediately. Steve knows there are others successfully using Dr. OGX for seizures. Since our bodies are mostly made of water, not oil, the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are completely absorbed within five or ten minutes. Organic, high-resin cannabis plants are used for whole-plant extraction, yielding more cannabinoids than is possible from hemp or synthetic options. Casey was taking a 150mg shot before every chemo session. Her seizures were gone, replaced by signs of life: an appetite, sleep schedule, happier attitude, and interest in social and physical activities.

When Casey was diagnosed with brain cancer three years ago, the whole family got involved with her recovery. At one point she was taking eight different medications and it was not working. Casey was still having seizures from the stage four cancer. She grew depressed. Q Mushi recalls looking for his mother in the crowd at a graduation ceremony, wondering if her meds would keep her well enough to sit through the festivities. He decided then to dedicate his life to finding a way to help his mom. The family was desperate for an efficient, healthy treatment plan. A friend suggested CBD oil, specifically Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Steve said they were willing to try anything. A ray of hope broke through when Casey spent a week completely seizure free. The CBD concentrated oil showed significant positive effects for Casey for about eight months. Then, she had another seizure. Black, tar-like RSO came out via stomach pump and vomiting. Her body was weakened from the chemotherapy and unable to breakdown the amount of oil concentrated in her RSO treatment.

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