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CBD (Cannabidiol) is extracted from the marijuana plant. Formerly, people used cannabis for mostly recreational purposes. However, now the cannabis plant has become very popular, given its medical benefits. Cannabidiol (CBD) shows potential as a natural treatment for ED. Research is limited, but here’s what to know about the effects of CBD on erectile function. CBD oil is made from cannabis plants but won’t make you high. Still, this natural supplement could interact with some heart medicines. Find out what you need to know before you try CBD oil for heart failure.

Benefits of CBD Oil – Pain Skin Care Hair Growth and More

CBD (Cannabidiol) is extracted from the marijuana plant. Formerly, people used cannabis for mostly recreational purposes. However, now the cannabis plant has become very popular, given its medical benefits. Many scientific studies have shown that marijuana can not only be smoked for anxiety and depression but other compounds that are extracted from it like hemp oil etc. it can also provide numerous benefits to human health like blood circulation.; CBD oil benefits for high blood pressure include various health effects of its consumption that improve homeostasis. Even domesticated furry animals like cats can get benefited from cannabis. Surprisingly, right?

Say Good-Bye to Anxiety

The world today is moving too fast, and everyone is trying to maintain a pace, which is why anxiety is very common due to stress and workload. Mental health disorders like anxiety and depression have a disturbing effect on the well-being of one. Psychiatrists prescribe medication like benzodiazepines, which can be addictive and result in drug abuse.

CBD oil, however, has more effective results. By improving the response of the brain’s receptors to serotonin, CBD oil relieves anxiety, depression, OCD, and other mental disordered up to a great extent, and one does not become addicted to it, which makes it a safe product. Some studies have revealed that usage of CBD oil has helped people with stress and has improved their brain’s performance.

  • The depressing effect calms the nervous system relieving anxiety and stress; in this way, CBD oil benefits for athletes include the relieving of pre-game anxiety, which improves their performance.
  • The stimulating effect of cannabis is used for improving mood by stimulating serotonin in the brain that relieves anxiety. CBD oil, however I not psychoactive and will not get you high so the drug will work its magic without you having to worry about that.

An Analgesic

Cannabis has been used as a pain reliever for a long time. It is enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Pain is related to the neurotransmitters and ECS (Endocannabinoid System) in the human body, which are responsible for controlling the functions of the biological clock like appetite, sleep, etc. CBD oil has proven to reduce chronic pain as it helps the neurotransmitters i.e., endocannabinoid to the cannabinoid receptors which reduces inflammations and relieves pain, significantly.

It also stimulated the release of serotonin and anandamide in the brain, which helps in alleviating pain recognition. Multiple studies have shown that patients of multiple sclerosis and arthritis have felt relief in pain and improved in the treatment, all in all. For this very purpose, CBD oil is available in capsule form, sprays, and liquid drops. The latter is more effective as it allows direct absorption in the circulatory system for a quicker result.

The analgesic effect lasts for a couple of hours during which one feels almost no pain; once the drug has worn out, there is a relative decrease in the pain. This property is very useful for sportspersons; CBD oil benefits for athletes comprise of its analgesic nature that heals any sprains or soreness, completely.

Skin Care (Helps Reduce Acne)

Acne occurs when the hair follicle becomes clogged with sebum (skin oils) and dead skin cells. Whether it’s puberty or environmental constraints, every other person has it. Flat areas of the face like cheeks chin and forehead are where it occurs most commonly. Some also experience acne on their back and shoulders. Several treatments are there, but most of them leave scars after the pimples and bumps go away. Despite effective treatments, acne tends to persist.

  • There are various CBD oil benefits for the skin. The herbal nature of this oil does not harm your skin, and the inflammatory properties reduce acne on the whole.
  • The alkaline nature of the oil neutralizes the skin’s acidic pH and tackles acne. CBD oil also has anti-aging properties that fight fine lines etc.

Looking for the right cannabis oil for your skin? Always read the description on the packaging. There are numerous packaging companies these days that offer versatile packaging solutions for CBD . The CBD oil benefits for the skin are categorized in acne, anti-aging, moisturizing, etc. which you can find out with the help of the description on the box or even the design of the box. Given the present competition in the cannabis industry, the packaging is providing a competitive advantage.

Cannabis as Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy can often lead to nausea and discomfort, which occurs mostly because of the “nocebo effect,” i.e., the negative expectation regarding a treatment/medication. There have been various prescription drugs to reduce it, but nothing has been so promising so far as CBD oil.

There are numerous studies on CBD oil’s benefits for cancer, which have shown that compounds of CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) have reduced cancer symptoms and helped smooth chemotherapy side-effects, including nausea, body pain, and vomiting. The antiemetic properties of CBD oil alleviate post-chemo nausea and sickness; the depressant nature of CBD creates a calm state of mind that manages the anguish of nausea; hence, relieving the discomfort.

CBD oil benefits for cancer do not include a cure for cancer (abnormal cell growth). Nevertheless, many studies have shown that it reduced the aggressive growth of breast cancer cells up to some extent; this might mean that in a few years, there will be a CBD-based cure of cancer. ‘Fingers crossed.’

If one is using CBD oil for this purpose make sure it’s pure and contamination-free (bought from a reliable source) and approved by your physician, so it does not interact adversely with other medicines which are the part of the treatment.

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CBD for Hair

Hair fall is very common in women. Whether it’s a brush with zillion hair stuck in it or looking down the shower and seeing a strand of hair flowing down the shower drain, it frustrates you.

There is a broad spectrum of CBD oil benefits for hair as it eradicates the cause from the root. Hair loss occurs when your body is distressed or is malnourished.

The BIG question is, how does CBD oil work for hair problems?
  • It does not get absorbed into hair follicles and stimulate hair growth; it makes the optimum internal environment of your body to provide a suitable condition for healthy hair growth.
  • It recovers your psychological to physiological state.
  • With the anti-inflammation property, reduces soreness and nourishes sebaceous glands to provide lubrication to the follicle.
  • CBD oil also improves blood circulation which results in better hair growth as nutrients are delivered to all parts of the body, sufficiently; CBD oil benefits for high blood pressure are a result of this amazing property that allows better blood flow and improve cardiovascular activity.

CBD oil benefits hair in a miraculous way but tackles the bigger issue than just enhancing the growth of hair. It makes you a healthier person, so the new hair would be healthy as well. As it recovers the function of the amygdala and the medial cerebral cortex, making creating a better response to serotonin, your mind finds peace. It becomes stress-free, which contributes to better health, hence better hair.

CBD as Lip Balm

With CBD becoming the buzzword of the beauty industry, companies have started to make CBD-based beauty products, including lip balms. The skin contains ECS, which is a receptor for cannabinoids. This stimulates the effect of Cannabinoid products in the body. CBD oil’s benefits for lips are comprised of its incredible anti-inflammatory effect, which reduces the discomfort of chapped lips and enables faster healing. Enriched with vitamins, it moisturizes dry lips and keeps them from chapping in the future.

Ever look at your dry puckered lips and wish they were as rosy and soft as some actress on the TV? Because been there, done that. CBD oil benefits lips in astonishing ways as it does not only moisturize them but dramatically improves their appearance. CBD balms are simple to apply; you can use one like a Chapstick or simple massage the liquid oil on your lips twice a day.

CBD Oil for Pets

A number of researches have been conducted on CBD oil benefits for cats which have revealed that the oil is quite effective on cats that too, in a similar way as humans. Because they have the Endocannabinoid System just like humans, which creates receptions for the cannabinoid and makes its effect more viable. CBD oil has been very useful for pet health and is being used by many.

  • Domesticated animals like cats and dogs can suffer from arthritis and cancer, for which CBD has been very effective.
  • CBD oil benefits for cats include the inflammation property, which reduces the discomfort of cancer symptoms and arthritis. It also helps with chronic pain like neuropathic pain as well as regular sprained joint pain for active breeds of pets.
  • As cats have a lot in common with humans like the ECS, which controls mood and appetite, they get anxiety and depression. It may also happen when a hormonal imbalance occurs; CBD helps in improving blood circulation and stimulates serotonin, which makes them feel better.
  • As cannabinoids affect brain activity, which makes it is useful for epileptic pets. It does not make it go away but reduces the seizures up to a great extent as it reduces the electric impulse commotion in the brain.
  • It is packed with vitamins and good fats, CBD oil improves the fur quality of a pet so your pet can shine bright like the star it is
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CBD and Erectile Dysfunction: Are There Benefits?

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Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, is board-certified in urology. He is an assistant professor at UCF College of Medicine and chief of surgery at Orlando Health South Lake Hospital.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects approximately 52% of people between the ages of 40 and 70 years of age who have a penis. It is estimated that there will be 322 million cases globally by the year 2025.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from the cannabis plant that has become increasingly popular as a natural treatment for a range of health conditions. Some research suggests that CBD has the potential to help manage pain, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.

While there’s currently no evidence that CBD can effectively treat ED, CBD has been shown to help with some of the underlying physical and psychological causes of ED.

This article will look at the possible benefits of CBD for ED, how to use the oil, and the potential risks and side effects.

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection more than 75% of the time. It can be frustrating, and it also can impair the quality of life for those who experience it.

This condition may be triggered by a number of factors, including hormonal changes, side effects from medication, reduced blood flow, stress, or psychological concerns.

In addition, certain health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, sleep disorders, alcoholism, obesity, and Parkinson’s disease have been shown to increase the risk of developing ED.

What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 85 active chemical compounds found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant. Unlike the cannabis compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it does not cause the feeling of getting “high.”

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Researchers have found that CBD has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. It shows promise as a treatment for mood, sleep, and pain disorders due to its effects on the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system involves a body-wide network of cannabinoid receptors that help regulate a number of important functions, including digestion, immunity, inflammation, reproductive health, and pain. CBD can activate these receptors, which may have potential health benefits.

Benefits of CBD Oil for ED

There is currently no research on the benefits of using CBD to treat erectile dysfunction specifically. And one recent review suggested that CBD may impair male sexual function.

However, there is evidence that CBD may be beneficial in treating underlying health conditions that can cause ED. In particular, CBD has been shown to aid in reducing stress and anxiety in multiple studies. It also shows potential for managing depression, performance anxiety around public speaking, and social anxiety.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are all known to impair libido and increase the risk of ED. The effects of CBD may help improve libido in people who struggle with ED due to psychological reasons. More research needs to be done to determine the effectiveness of CBD and the best dosage.

CBD has also been shown to lower blood pressure. This has the potential to improve circulation, which may help facilitate more blood flow to the penis.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Overall, using CBD oil is considered generally safe. Some people may experience a reaction or side effects such as fatigue, change in weight and appetite, and diarrhea.

Studies have also shown that CBD can interfere with certain medications, so it is important to contact your healthcare provider before trying any alternative treatments like CBD for ED.

Best CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

There are different ways that you can use CBD oil for your ED.

Topical oils and CBD-infused lubricants can be applied to the penis and the medicine will go directly to the skin. This can help promote blood flow to the penis, which can aid in getting a firm erection. Be sure to read the ingredients of these products as some may include additives that could cause sensitivity or a reaction.

The other way to use CBD is to consume it. Consumable forms of CBD include:

  • Chewing gum
  • Vaporized
  • Creams
  • Gummies
  • Liquid oils

When choosing a CBD product, you’ll find there are three main types of CBD oil on the market. They include the following:

  • Isolate CBD: This contains just CBD.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: This contains CBD and other cannabinoids but not THC.
  • Full-spectrum CBD: This contains CBD and all other cannabinoids, including 0.3% or less trace amounts of THC.

Studies have shown that other cannabinoids may help increase the bioavailability and the activity of CBD due to a mechanism known as the entourage effect. For this reason, most proponents recommend using a broad or full-spectrum CBD.


There currently is no clinically recommended dosage for CBD oil. The effects vary from person to person, and it may take some experimentation to find a dose that is effective for you. Before trying CBD for ED, contact your healthcare provider and ask for their advice.

How to Buy CBD

CBD has been legalized across the United States and it is increasingly widely available. Places where you can get CBD oil include:

  • Manufacturer websites and retail locations
  • Large e-commerce sites
  • Health and wellness shops
  • Marijuana dispensaries


CBD has garnered some interest as a potential natural treatment for ED. While there’s limited evidence that CBD can treat ED specifically, the compound has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve blood flow, which may be beneficial for ED.

A Word From Verywell

Dealing with ED can be frustrating, embarrassing, and hard on your relationship. If you are struggling with the condition, it’s important to talk with your healthcare provider, as ED can be indicative of an underlying health issue.

Your healthcare provider can help you rule out any health issues and help you understand your treatment options. CBD is one alternative option that is safe and easily accessible, so it may be worth trying along with other treatments.

There are many paths to treating ED effectively, and finding what works best for you may take some trial and error. But there is a way forward to a healthy, thriving sex life.

Frequently Asked Questions

During sex, CBD oil or a CBD-infused lubricant can be used externally on the genitals as you would any lubricant. It is thought to stimulate blood flow, reduce stress, and increase pleasure. You can also take CBD oil orally before having sex to help reduce performance anxiety and improve blood flow.

Some research suggests that CBD oil may help to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. In terms of ED, increasing blood flow may help support erections.

There are a number of lifestyle habits that you can try that may help ED. These include exercising regularly, trying stress-reducing activities like yoga and meditation, eating a healthy diet, and creating space to take care of yourself.

Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

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CBD Oil and Heart Failure

Could CBD oil ease your heart failure symptoms or help you manage your condition? This herbal supplement is sold over the counter and may be marketed with various health claims, but heart experts aren’t so sure it’s worthwhile or even safe if you have heart failure.

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“Heart failure patients should know that while CBD has been touted as a wonder compound and seems to be in almost everything these days, it has never been shown to have any significant cardiovascular benefits in human studies,” says Scott Lundgren, DO, a transplant cardiologist at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil contains cannabidiol, an herbal liquid supplement made from the cannabis plant. It doesn’t have the same effect on the brain as THC, another compound found in cannabis that gives you a “high” when smoked or eaten, says Larry Allen, MD, associate division head for clinical affairs in cardiology at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

“There are no known cardiovascular benefits for cannabis or cannabidiol, and there may even be some adverse effects, so people should not take these products and think that it will have positive effects on their cardiovascular health,” says Allen, who’s also co-author of the American Heart Association’s statement on all cannabis products.

In 2018, the FDA approved the first oral, purified CBD drug, Epidiolex, to treat seizures in two rare forms of epilepsy. Two synthetic versions of cannabiinds are also approved: dronabinol (Marinol, Syndros) for treatment of nausea during cancer chemotherapy and nabilone (Cesamet) to treat weight loss associated with AIDS. Marinol is synthetic THC

Some of CBD’s proven benefits in other health conditions may be intriguing to people living with heart failure, Allen says.

“Does it stimulate your appetite? Yes. Do people gain weight if they take it? Possibly true. Patients with severe heart failure do have cachexia,” or severe weight loss and muscle wasting, he says. “One could argue that people with nausea, lack of appetite, or who are losing weight could think CBD would help them. People with heart failure have a fair amount of discomfort, including edema [swelling] and somatic or pain-related issues, so you could think CBD has a role.”

But there isn’t really any evidence to prove that it will relieve heart failure symptoms or be safe to use if you have heart failure, he adds.

What We Know About CBD

Some research suggests that CBD oil may improve some heart-related symptoms:

  • A very small study conducted in 2017 in England found that CBD improved resting blood pressure and blood pressure spikes related to stress in people without heart conditions.
  • Various studies in animals have shown that CBD could improve vasorelaxation, or opening of arteries for better blood flow, as well as reduce inflammation. A small clinical trial from Mexico studying CBD in people with heart failure hasn’t reported any results yet.
  • A large study of more than 161,000 people hospitalized for heart failure who had used marijuana found that they had, on average, a lower risk of death and shorter hospital stays. But this doesn’t necessarily mean CBD oil would have the same benefit.

It’s illegal in the U.S. to market CBD by adding it to any food or calling it a dietary supplement. Also, although the FDA has approved a few CBD drugs to treat certain diseases, don’t expect CBD sold over the counter to be safe or beneficial for heart failure, Lundgren says.

“CBD oil may not have the same properties, and it can actually cause gastrointestinal distress like diarrhea or cause decreased appetite. CBD products can include unknown ingredients and may not be accurately labeled,” he says.

When you use CBD oil, your liver breaks it down. During this process, it could interfere with your medications for heart failure or other heart conditions. “CBD has known interactions with warfarin, certain statins, calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers, and nitrates. Just because a supplement is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean that it is safe,” Lundgren says.

CBD May Have Health Risks

CBD oil must be studied in randomized clinical trials on people, not animals, before it can be considered safe or effective for heart failure, Lundgren says. Until that happens, he advises against buying or using CBD. “There is some evidence that CBD can cause liver injury as well as lead to male infertility issues. When consumed with alcohol, individuals may experience increased drowsiness, which can lead to household injuries.”

If you have heart failure, you might feel like you’re taking control of your own care by trying herbal treatments that don’t require a prescription. To be safe, talk to your cardiologist first: Ask questions about CBD oil and make decisions together about using this or any other supplement, Allen says.

“CBD products cost money and can distract you from taking prescribed treatments for heart failure that are evidence-based. They could do indirect harm to people with heart failure. . We already have a half-dozen treatments for heart failure symptoms and to help you live longer.”

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