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does cbd cream smell like weed

Going through security at the airport, the drug dogs we’re winding their way through the people waiting in line.

Till we see research, it’s just great marketing to push a product that easier and cheaper to make (bigger margins).

Last we checked, coconut oil wasn’t on their radar as well.

When we tested the big brands, roughly 90% of them had full-spectrum CBD and most had a distinct weed smell.

Very little smell and if added to CBD Isolate, no weed smell at all.

It has a slightly sweet smell and taste but barely discernible.

It’s still a question mark in many other places, especially internationally (Asia comes to mind).

Keep in mind that a great deal of our taste comes from the scent of what we’re consuming.

The tragedy here is that such sweeping laws and bias means that these places are being deprived of all the other possible uses for cannabis plants, aside from the cultivation of marijuana for recreational purposes. One such use is CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, which has been found to have remarkable success in treating a vast array of medical conditions. Everything from mental health concerns to cancer has shown responsiveness to CBD oil as a treatment.

Those that continue to dispute its legitimacy often fall back on the fact that it comes from the same plant as the illicit substance marijuana. But it’s important to remember that the active ingredient in marijuana which produces the “high” feeling, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is absent from most CBD oil. This means that CBD oil is not addictive and will not cause the “high” sensation.

Does CBD oil smell like weed?

CBD oil is a natural substance derived from the cannabis plant, the same crop that produces hemp and marijuana. Because of this, it has attained a measure of controversy. Most are aware of the psychoactive effects that marijuana has on the body, and for this reason cannabis plants in general have gotten an awfully bad reputation. In many parts of the world, these plants are illegal, with growers receiving hefty fines and even prison time for even having them.

Another common method is vaping the oil, and this is usually the method that elicits the most concern about the smell, given that it produces a cloud of vapor which can be easily detected by others. Some users do report a faint smell of weed from using this method. But when tested more carefully, it once again has been found that the smell is too minimal to be able to confidently say that it smells like anything.

So does CBD oil smell like weed ? The good news is that most CBD oil products do not come with a strong odor. The substance is most commonly taken in drop form, held beneath the tongue for up to thirty seconds before being swallowed. Users do not report the oil tasting like weed or giving them concerning breath. The better news is that you can even get flavored oils, which add a pleasant taste and do have an odor, but it’s usually that of whatever has been used to add the pleasurable taste.

So, what does CBD oil smell like?

Cannabidiol and weed do both originate for strains of cannabis or hemp plants. However, there are many variations in this plant, and many ways to strip them of components for human consumption.

CBD is quickly becoming a go-to solution for a wide range of health, fitness and recovery problems, and many people use it regularly to create balance and promote wellbeing.

The sweet smell of success

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