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does cbd capsules help you sleep

Training your body to follow a regular sleep and wake cycle if you don’t already have a routine.

Allowing yourself time to wind down before bed in a dark setting without bright screens. If you need to look at a screen, make sure you use a brightness filter.

Similar to THC though, CBD can help you relax and people are wondering if it will help them finally get some good shut eye.

Setting yourself up for sleep

But reaping the rewards of CBD is a slippery slope since much of its long term safety or efficacy is still unknown. One study showed taking less than 160 mg of CBD oil may actually promote wakefulness . While higher doses can promote sleep, the FDA has approved only one CBD product, a prescription drug to treat two rare, severe forms of epilepsy. Because other CBD products aren’t regulated, you might not know what you’re really getting.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil seems to be all over the place, used as treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, acne and even infused in some foods and drinks. It’s readily available in various doses and forms over-the-counter. It’s natural to wonder what this mystical compound of marijuana is and what it does in the body.

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Until we have more answers about CBD, there’s a plethora of behavioral strategies that promote better sleep, including:

In a study from 2019 where subjects were given a dose of 25mg every day for a month to see if it could improve their sleep and lower anxiety. The study showed some quite impressive results where 79% of the subjects saw a reduction in overall anxiety levels and 66% reported improvements in their sleep.

One of the only brands who have existed since the infancy of the CBD industry is CBDistillery. They have become synomonys with high quality products and have sold to more than 1 million customers!

Best CBD Products for Sleep

OTO’s sleep drops have been a longstanding bestseller. It’s formulated a healthy dose of CBD (1500mg), Lavender, Liquorice and Spearmint which all compliment each other to give you a good nights sleep.

They’re also super easy and convenient to travel with, so if you’re feeling like the night will be long, you can always take a few of these.

TheDrug.Store has become a major name in the CBD industry due to their big product range and knowledge. When they released their own brand of CBD oils it instantly became a customer favourite. This CBD oil is a great all-purpose product, whether you need for stress, sleep or general wellbeing. In the evening, this is a perfect add-on to a nighttime routine before catching some good Zzz.