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do cbd gummies help with cramps

Because just because we’re on our period, doesn’t mean we don’t want to have fun! CBD can help you enjoy sex more when you’re on your period by reducing tension in the pelvic floor and relieving pain from cramps or penetration. A few sexier benefits (you’ll be pleased to know) can include increased sensitivity, relaxation – which can lead to stronger orgasms! – and in some cases, a boost to your sex drive. Let’s go!

If your time of the month is pretty pants, we hope that these natural period pain relief methods using pure CBD oil will make it a bit better – whether you want to sip it, soak in it or, well, have sex with it!

We’re guessing you’re here because, unlike the lucky few whose periods pass them by with little trials and tribulations, your menstrual cycle can be somewhat draining.

8. In a Lube

CBD suppositories are small, round or cone-shaped objects that you can insert into your vagina, where they dissolve and release CBD oil which is then absorbed by the body. CBD suppositories are super effective for period pain relief as they allow the CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead of working their way through the gastrointestinal tract first.

CBD may help reduce unpleasant period-related symptoms such as cramping, nausea and anxiety. If you’d like to give it a try yourself (in addition to the obligatory hot water bottle and tub of non-dairy Ben and Jerry’s, of course) we’ve highlighted eight ways in which the Good Hemp community has used CBD for period pain relief.

In addition to research suggesting that CBD can moisturise and heal the skin, drawing a CBD-infused bath can help reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation to your womb, resulting in less period pain. Add some drops of CBD oil to your bath along with soothing essential oils and fragrances, light a few candles and press play on your favourite Spotify playlist. Your womb will thank you later.

Fun fact: did you know that the pelvic region has one of the highest concentrations of cannabinoid receptors ? Another reason why inserting CBD suppositories is one of the most effective ways of CBD intake, especially for targeted period pain relief.

Before we get into my review, it’s important to note that most of these products are designed to help alleviate your cramps, not to get you high. (Although, as you’ll see, some of them did make me feel a bit loonytunes.)

Actually, people have been using marijuana to deal with menstrual pain for a long time — Queen Victoria was even said to employ the help of Mary Jane for just this purpose. Now, with marijuana legalization taking America by storm, more people are finding the relief they need from painful menstrual cramps (and honestly pretty much every other medical condition you can think of). If you go to a medical marijuana club or check out websites looking for cannabis products for menstrual pain, you’ll be inundated with a cornucopia of options. But which is the best cannabis product for cramps?

1. Foria Vaginal Suppositories

The Whoopi & Maya tincture is significantly less expensive than the CBD one, most likely because CBD is a lot harder to extract than just making a tincture with marijuana as-is, which is mostly THC. A 1oz bottle costs $27-30 and a 2oz one for $45-50.

The first time I inserted one (which you do as you would a non-applicator tampon), I laid on my back with my knees up. After around 10 or 15 minutes, my whole painful pelvis suddenly unlocked. It was like all my pelvis muscles had been holding their breath and suddenly let it out, all at once. It was magic. I may have cried. It was like mainlining medicine straight to my uterus muscles.

Lots of medical cannabis products talk about a CBD-THC ratio. You may have heard about THC, because it’s the psychoactive component of marijuana (aka what makes you feel high). CBD, on the other hand, is what researchers have found to be the main medicinal component of marijuana. It’s what makes your body feel good, counters nausea, distracts your brain from pain, etc. There’s so much to say here about CBD and THC, but the important thing to know is that CBD doesn’t really work without a bit of THC. That means all of these products have THC in them, and can be picked up by a drug test. You can only buy these products legally in states where medical or recreational marijuana is legal — like California, where I tested them.

How marijuana is meant to achieve the relief remains unclear. At its heart, menstrual cramps are triggered by the release of inflammatory compounds, called prostaglandins, during menstruation. Women who produce are excessive amounts of prostaglandins are more likely to experience severe cramps.

Moreover, CBD oils, extracts, and tinctures popularly sold as alternative therapies sometimes contain unknown ingredients, and it is often difficult to know if the doses list on the product label are accurate.  

What the Evidence Says

Though marijuana has not been shown to be cause birth defects, the presence of cannabinoid receptors in the fetal brain suggests that marijuana may impact a child’s cognitive and behavioral development in later years.  

By contrast, cannabinoids like THC and CBD exert no activity on COX receptors. and, therefore, have no influence on the production of prostaglandins. Rather, they stimulate the release of the “feel-good” hormone dopamine in the brain (where CB1 resides in high density) while reducing inflammation in the nerves and joints (where CB2 resides in high density).  

The body is populated with a vast quantity of cannabinoid receptors, called CB1 and CB2, found mainly in the central nervous system but also in the lungs, liver, kidneys, and joints.   These are the same receptors that naturally-occurring compounds, called endocannabinoids, attach to.