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dixie botanicals cbd isolate review

Dixie Botanicals is older than most of the CBD vendors we see; the brand launched in 2012 under parent company Medical Marijuana, Inc. (Note: no Dixie Botanicals CBD products contain THC above the federal limit) While we gave Dixie Botanicals the Innovation Badge for their awesome CBD energy chews, their parent company is the true innovator. Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first publicly traded U.S. cannabis company, and they claim to have developed the world’s first legal supply of CBD. These are just a couple of their many trailblazing moves in the CBD space.

Getting back to Dixie Botanicals, the brand easily gets the Quality Badge with their clean sourcing and processing. The company gets their CBD oil from non-GMO hemp grown sans pesticides and herbicides in the Netherlands. Said hemp is then processed via CO2 extraction before it is formulated into their versatile CBD products.

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Dixie Botanicals obviously caters to the more active CBD users with their targeted branding. It’s a good move, considering CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and balancing effects are great for both pre- and post-workout supplementation. But whether you’re a workout nut or just on the hunt for some CBD goodness, Dixie Botanicals has something for everyone.

Our only qualm with Dixie Botanicals is a lack of online test results. We hope they get on this, stat.

Sure, the line isn’t 100% all-natural, but many of the CBD products are. Overall, we think Dixie Botanicals is doing a great job when it comes to quality… and charity too! The brand supports ECHO, a nonprofit that provides donations and financial assistance to families that need CBD but cannot afford it.

Dixie Botanicals Orange Isolate Tincture is a delicious way to take your daily dose of CBD. With a flavor reminiscent of a creamsicle, these CBD drops are made with medium-chain triglyceride oil to allow for increased absorption and quicker results. The one-ounce bottle contains 250 milligrams of CBD, and at a little over 4 grams per serving, this is the perfect product for microdosing or new users who require less. With no THC, this stuff appeals to athletes but is beneficial to anyone wanting the benefits of cannabis without the high. This CBD tincture helps boost your energy, aids in post-workout recovery, and regulates metabolism, sleep, and your immune system.

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Dixie Botanicals Orange CBD Isolate Tincture uses medium chain triglycerides, also known as MCT oil, as its base. Most CBD tinctures are made with medium chain triglycerides because it boosts absorption, meaning you’ll get the positive effects quicker and more efficiently. Derived from coconut oil, MCT is a healthy fatty acid that provides energy, which is why it’s so popular amongst athletes.

Dixie Botanicals has been around since 2012 and pride themselves on being the first company to make CBD products mainstream. With a consumer-driven mindset, the company seeks to normalize the use of CBD as part of everyday health and wellness. Everything they make is carefully created using only the finest hemp oil, working with scientists, herbalists, and nutritionists to give consumers the confidence that they’re getting the best CBD on the market.

Not only did the Dixie Botanicals Orange CBD Isolate Tincture cut back on my anxiety, but it lessened some of my chronic pain too. It by no means takes away anxiety or pain completely. A warmth comes over the body and for a while, the symptoms become a little less cumbersome, and life a little more bearable. This tincture really helped me just get through these appointments, especially on days where I had two. After an hour of taking it, I felt calm and ready to take on anything.

Now, let’s talk about the company’s commitment to the cannabis community.

And finally, HempMeds supports ECHO — an independent nonprofit and charitable organization that supplies open-ended collaboration between cannabis patients and doctors. ECHO financially support families facing extenuating circumstances who can’t afford CBD oil.

Cost per mg CBD:

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The company also uses a triple testing process on some (but not all) of its products. This is designed to demolish any doubt that the company is using sub-par hemp extracts to make its products.

Cost per mg CBD:

Cost per mg CBD:

HempMeds sells everything but the kitchen sink — the online store offers oil drops, topicals, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, isolates, vapes, and hemp body care products. Prices range from $19 all the way up to $1546 — meaning that every customer will find something suitable for their budget.