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csn cbd tincture be taken sublingually

When CBD is in your mouth you may notice an intense, bitter flavour. Because many high-quality oils get the best effects from using more of the hemp plant, they can be intensely grassy and bitter. While unpleasant, this alone won’t do you any harm. A mouthful of water will help with any strong flavours.

While vaping CBD e-liquid is the most effective method, it comes with extra steps. You need to buy a vape, keep it topped up and use it only where their use is allowed.

How does it compare with other methods of taking CBD?

If you swallow CBD it travels through your digestive system and your body automatically starts to break it down. This process can be slowed down by mixing the active ingredients with other substances such as fat, but the difference is relatively small.

Rubbed into the skin (topically)

Dropping CBD under your tongue may not be the most effective method but it is a close second. It also has an advantage in how quick and easy it is.

It’s called the sublingual gland, and it’s under your tongue.

For about 6 months I swallowed my CBD without really thinking about it. It seems almost implied that the best way to use a CBD oil tincture is just to swallow it.

Although I use water-soluble CBD now, which also works well for me, I’ve had great results while using the sublingual method with MCT tinctures. It really is a great way to make what you’ve already got more effective without really having to do much more than wait a little bit before you can swallow it.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve not heard of it before – my high school anatomy class neglected to mention this to me as well.

Instead of swallowing your CBD oil immediately, you simply hold it under your tongue for 1 minute or longer, and then swallow the dose.