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Looking for cheap marijuana seeds that are of the best quality? Autoflowering and photoperiod, feminized and regular – Well look no further because We decided Looking to buy cheap marijuana seeds? High Supplies offers a vast collection of affordable cannabis seeds for sale. Check our catalogue of high-quality genetics and order today!

Top 10 Best Cheap Marijuana Seeds $3/$6/$8

Looking for cheap marijuana seeds that are of the best quality? Autoflowering and photoperiod, feminized and regular – Well look no further because We decided to create a list of the top ten best cheap weed seeds that are not just affordable but also of great quality for any budget and taste. Check it out!

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Cheap Marijuana Seeds

Here are the top 10 best value yet cheap weed seeds

AK 420 Autoflower – $4.3

AK 420 autoflower cannabis strain is a cross between AK 47 and Ruderalis, this strain is great for beginners and medical users. The buds form in dense clusters that smell of green floral tones, the leaves are coated in with a fine layer of crystals. The high is completely pain-free and mind-blowing, stimulating effects make you feel relaxed and almost airy.

BCN Critical XXX Autoflower

The BCN Critical XXX autoflower strain is part of the XXX family of cannabis strains that have gained popularity in recent years.XXXXXX Critical XXX Autoflower has a perfect blend of pure sativa, pure indica, and a dash of hermaphrodite genetics – all in one package. The resulting experience is a bubble-gum flavour, with the aroma of fruit juice and pine afterwards. You can expect to feel relaxed and creative, especially for medical users. Since this strain is mostly sativa-dominant, there are many benefits to being active and physical as well. This bud is a good choice for growers with lower gardening skills due to its easy maintenance.

Northern lights Autoflower

Northern lights autoflower cannabis seeds are a favorite of many growers around the world. This strain is an indica-dominant strain with a high THC count. It has a strong, earthy aroma that appeals to most marijuana smokers. Northern lights autoflower cannabis seeds produce plants that have short flowering cycles, making them ideal for indoor growing.

These autoflowering cannabis seeds produce plants that are small in stature and have a very short flowering period, which makes them perfect for indoor growing. The buds are dense and covered in resin, making it easy to harvest these plants at any time of the year.

Big Bud Autoflower

Big bud autoflower seeds are a popular strain that can be grown indoors or outdoors. They grow fast and have a flowering time of around 7 to 8 weeks. The buds are dense and covered in crystals, while the plants stay short and manageable. Growing will be easy and fast, with the plants reaching around 1 meter inside and outside. Cannabis connoisseurs will love the earthy, sweet flavor and the relaxing high.

Super Skunk Autoflower

Super Skunk is a classic indica-dominant hybrid strain that has been the backbone of many other strains over the last few decades. The lineage of Super Skunk is thought to be Skunk #1, along with Afghani genetics.

Super Skunk has a flowering time of about 8 weeks and produces large buds that have a sugary coating of resin with bright orange hairs sticking out from underneath the frosty coating. When you pop open a bag of this stuff, you are met with a strong skunky smell that smells like it’s from another planet.

Amnesia Autoflower

Amnesia is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) with genetics from South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, as well as Thai Haze and Hawaiian Haze. The original Amnesia was created by Dutch company Soma Seeds, who bred it using seeds from Super Silver Haze and a Cambodian landrace strain. Amnesia has quickly become one of the most popular sativas around the world, and has won numerous awards. It’s reputed to be a mind-expanding strain that causes users to forget both where they are and what they are doing.

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The flowering time of this autoflowering version is approximately 8–10 weeks from germination. The plant will grow between 90–120cm tall, producing 400–450g/m² indoors or 60–100g per plant outdoors.

Blackberry Gum Autoflower

Blackberry gum is a hybrid strain with a 50:50 indica/sativa ratio. It has a THC content of around 16% and a CBD level of 1%. The bud’s flavor is sweet and fruity, with a sour bubblegum taste on the exhale. Blackberry gum’s aroma is similarly sweet and fruity, with earthy undertones.

The high from this strain comes on slowly. It starts in the head with a cerebral buzz that’s uplifting and euphoric but not too intense or overpowering. This settles down into an overall feeling of relaxation without leaving you sedated or couch-locked.

Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Cookies is a cannabis strain that was bred by crossing GG4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The result? A weed strain that smells like a sweet, pungent combination of chocolate and mint. Its buds are dense and light green, with bright orange hairs running throughout. Gorilla Cookies buds are covered in crystalline trichomes, which give the nugs a frosty texture.

These indica-dominant hybrid marijuana seeds produce a plant that grows tall and bushy with a flowering time of around 9 weeks. Growers can expect medium yields from this strain, which is resistant to many common diseases and pests.

Wedding Glue Auto

Wedding glue auto cannabis seeds are a cross between Wedding Cake and Gorilla Glue, two of the most popular strains out there. This strain is great for those looking for an uplifting experience that makes you feel euphoric and creative. Wedding Glue Auto is also known to increase appetite, so make sure you have some snacks on hand!

White Widow Autoflower

White Widow Autoflower is an extremely popular and potent hybrid strain of cannabis. White Widow AutoFLOWER has been a staple in many grow rooms since the 1990s and is produced by crossing a Brazilian Sativa landrace with resin-heavy South Indian indica. This strain is named after the fuzzy, white pistils that cover its buds, as well as its high THC content.

White Widow Autoflower produces a strong and euphoric high, which makes it perfect for social gatherings or creative pastimes. This strain tastes earthy and sweet, with notes of citrus.

Are cheap cannabis seeds good?

I think that the answer to this question is yes. If you buy the seeds from a reputable company, then they will be good. You can easily and conveniently Buy Marijuana Seeds and ship them to your home


We hope you enjoyed reading this list of top 10 cheap marijuana seeds. We recommend, just buy several seeds and test all types to see how they react in your environment. Always start with a few seeds before you buy big packs, there’s no sense in buying more then you need when you first get started.

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Cheap Marijuana Seeds

Getting cheap marijuana seeds is the first step towards growing your very first weed garden from the comfort of your own home. Apart from it being an amazing hobby, growing cannabis can save you money in the long run, since you will never have to spend money at dispensaries ever again. All you need in order to get started is a growing area, some pots and perhaps, a couple grow lights and of course, great cannabis seeds.

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Why buying quality marijuana seeds is important

Here at High Supplies, we want to help you expand your indoor cannabis garden by providing high-quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices. Getting the right seeds is the first step to the world of growing and it can make or break your grow. Let’s see why that’s important.

Genetics is everything

The genetic profile of a cannabis plant is one of the few aspects of an indoor grow that the cultivator has no control in. No matter how much you care for your plants, if they carry defective genes, they will eventually create problems, such as turning hermaphrodite/male or producing measly yields. Also, cannabis seeds with bad genetics will produce less tasty buds.

Each cannabis seed carries a specific genetic potential that “programs” its THC or CBD production, height, terpene content, and disease resistance. Your first job as an indoor grower will be to pick cannabis strains that ensure your garden will be filled with healthy plants.

What to keep in mind when buying marijuana seeds

There is an astonishing variety of options, even among the cheap marijuana seeds category. Not all growers have the same style or preference, therefore getting the best type of seed for you should answer all of the following questions.

How many plants do I want to grow and where?

Growing cannabis can either be done indoors (with the help of specifically engineered grow lights) or outdoors, as nature intended. However, not all marijuana plants are suitable for both types of growing.

Some seeds have been bred for strictly indoor use, while others will thrive on the great outdoors. Even then, you will have to keep in mind that according to its genetics, each plant might prefer different climates. Check our “Climate” section on each seed description to learn more about it.

On the other hand, attributes such as height are especially important for indoor growers who have limited space. It is crucial that there is enough space between the grow lights and the plant canopy, to prevent accidents. Carefully measure the dimensions of your grow room and pick a cannabis strain that will not expand too much vertically (indica plants tend to be shorter).

How much time do I have for this?

Growing cannabis from seed is great because you don’t necessarily need to invest a lot of time in this. The process can be as automated or as hands-on as you’d like. If you are busy and cannot spend too much time, you will be better off picking a short flowering plant, that will be ready in about two months.

Indoor marijuana growers can also pick autoflowering seeds, which take even less time to grow. Under normal circumstances, a marijuana plant realizes it’s time to flower as the days get shorter and the light wavelengths slowly transition to the red spectrum. Indoors, this is simulated by switching the settings on the grow light. However, autoflowering cannabis seeds will flower automatically (hence the name), eliminating any interference from the grower.

How experienced am I?

When you are inexperienced, things are slightly harder. Some cannabis strains are more forgiving to mistakes than others, so it is important to pick the right one for your needs. Generally, an “easy” marijuana strain will be resistant to mold and diseases. Furthermore, it will require minimal training from the grower, reducing the possibility of something going wrong. Last but not least, beginners might have a harder time recognizing male plants on time. A male pollen sac bursting in a cannabis garden will have a devastating effect on the rest of the crop.

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Naturally, you’ll want to buy cheap marijuana seeds to minimize the financial risk, but you’ll also need to pick durable strains. Luckily for you, all of our seeds here at High-Supplies are hand-picked for quality, so you always know what you get!

How much THC or CBD do I need?

Some people grow cannabis for recreational purposes and want all the psychoactive THC they can get. Others, grow it for the medicinal benefits of CBD. Whatever the reason, checking the potential cannabinoid content of the strain you picked is paramount. These two compounds are the main ingredients of cannabis, and they work in vastly different ways. CBD is non-psychoactive and negates the effects of THC, while the latter will get you high as a kite.

Bear in mind that the THC percentage next to each seed represents a potential. It will take care and proper curing for your harvested buds to reach a high cannabinoid content. That being said, you should never use your cannabis buds directly after harvesting. Instead, you should allow the flowers to dry naturally in order to get its full cannabinoid profile.

Types of cheap marijuana seeds

There are three main types of marijuana seeds: Regular, feminized and autoflowering. Each one comes with its own pros and cons. Let’s see them all one by one.

Regular marijuana seeds

The most common type of seed. Regular marijuana seeds have a 50:50 chance of growing up to be male or female, which is unacceptable for some growers. The reason for that is because male cannabis plants do not produce any flowers and can destroy a cannabis garden by pollinating the females, if not removed quickly. Growers must recognize cannabis plants on time and remove them from their garden.

Feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds have a much higher chance to grow up female, so they are very popular among first-time growers. However, since a seed offers no indication of its gender, there is no guarantee for that. There have been instances where seed banks would sell regular seeds as feminized at a jacked up price. At High-Supplies, we only sell verified feminized cannabis seeds, to ensure that you will only get what you pay for.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds

As we mentioned above, autoflowering seeds will enter the blooming phase without any external stimulation. Regardless of their light intake, auto plants will start producing buds after a period of 7-9 weeks. Bear in mind that these seeds are easier to grow, but grow significantly less plentiful yields.

High-quality marijuana seeds for sale

If you are looking to buy cheap marijuana seeds but don’t want to sacrifice quality, take a look at our collection below. Here at High Supplies, we offer a vast selection of seeds to accommodate all growing styles and levels.

By clicking on each seed, you will find more information about its strain, including flowering times, seed type, height and preferred climate. We offer worldwide shipping and discreet packaging for all of our products. Don’t hesitate to contact us or call us if you have any questions.

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