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cbdfx cbd gummie bears

Not only are the fantastically flavoured and contain your daily dose of CBD but they are also free of artificial sweeteners, are GMO-Free, and are made using the highest quality full spectrum CBD meaning all the hemp plants powerful compounds remain intact.

CBD Gummy Bears By CBDfx is a delicious way to enjoy taking your CBD. Each gummy is a wild berry flavour and contains 5mg of full spectrum, high-grade CBD. Contains no artificial sweeteners and are GMO-Free.

CBD Gummy Bears 40mg By CBDfx are available in a pack of 8 gummy bears which contain 5mg Full spectrum CBD per piece. They are flavoured with a wild berry formulation to make taking them not only easy but irresistible. these handy 8 count pouches are ideal for people who may need a smaller quantity if they are going away, just looking to try CBD for the first time, or someone who may want to keep a pouch in the desk at work.


Unsure how many Gummies to take then please use our CBD Dosage calculator (found on the front page of our website, Click for link) but always start off with less to see how you react to the CBD and work your way up from there until you find your desired dosage.

But, where does that energy come from?

CBD has firmly gone mainstream, and one product, in particular, has become the face of general market CBD products: CBD gummies.

Are You the Turmeric & Spirulina Type?

Your body will effectively metabolize CBD whether you vape it, eat it, or drink it. Determining how to consume your CBD is totally a matter of preference, and the wide variety of products at CBDfx reflects the spectrum of preferences and personalities of our customers. No product is any more or less effective than another, although the concentration amount may vary by a few milligrams from one edible to another. Anecdotally speaking, ingesting CBD is traditionally thought to take longer to take effect, but with a more long-lasting duration. The FSA recommends not consuming more than 70mg of CBD in a 24 hour period.

Delicious, juicy, and packed full of highly-potent CBD, our Original Mixed-Berry Gummies are a top favourite for a reason.

One of the best things about CBD gummies is that they come in easy, measurable concentrations, so you can adjust as needed.

– Broad Spectrum



We’re confident that you won’t find other gummies like these. They’re super healthy, vegan friendly and tasty. These gummies are a must-have in any mans daily diet.

Having a healthy body is key and we all know that, so why not do yourself a favour and include tasty gummies into your daily routine. Each delicious gummy is packed with a premium blend of broad spectrum CBD and essential vitamins and minerals.