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cbd topical dragon balm

If you want to learn more about how topicals work, read our post on Cannabis Topicals 101 here. And if you’re ready to explore the ratios of CBD and THC in cannabis topicals, read Cannabis Topicals 102 here!

Most find it is best for relieving joint pain and arthritis pain. This is an extremely fast acting topical—it will absorb completely into the skin and provide relief within 1-3 min. which stands apart from the rest. Flow Gel should be rubbed onto the skin very gently, not massaged in like you would a topical with a cream consistency.


A long time ago, there was confusion surrounding the identity of the aloe plant; many people sold a misidentified species of aloe that did not provide the same benefits. Eventually, traders began to refer to the correct species as Aloe Vera, otherwise known as “True Aloe.” Fairwinds’ own Canna Vera extract is similar in that it carries the true identity and full effects of the cannabis plant. Additionally, both Aloe Vera and Canna Vera are composed of unique polysaccharides that deliver powerful effects in the body. Polysaccharides are used by the body as immune signaling molecules, which can have dramatic effects on the skin and deep tissues. Canna Vera is a creamy, Shea butter-like substance containing the wax and lipid-like constituents isolated from the cannabis oil, combined with our polysaccharide-rich Cannabis Juice Extract (acquired from the roots, flower, stem, and leaves). The added benefits from Canna Vera are significant, delivering a noticeable sensation & the true character of cannabis. —Fairwinds

We have tried them ALL, far and wide, and when we voted on our favorite topicals of 2019, the results were clear! Below are our five favorite topicals of 2019 in Washington State.

How will Velvet Swing give me better orgasms?Because it’s MAGIC. Just kidding . the THC and CBD are what feel so good. THC dilates the smallest capillaries, which increases blood flow and heightens sensitivity, and can lead to longer, stronger orgasms. CBD works synergistically with THC to relax blood vessels and muscle tension, leading to easier, and more pleasurable intercourse. —Velvet Swing

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THC: 175mg CBD: 175mg Net Wt: 2oz Your discomfort is no match for our Dragon.This meticulous formulation combines cooling Menthol and numbing Camphor to distract the brain, acting in a beneficial way on the nerves that carry bothersome signals. The addition of soothing Clove, Cajaput and Mint Oil together with Ceres pure, potent CO2 extracted oil provides deep and lasting relief. Get your Dragon on, and get back to feeling your best.


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

Dragon OG (or Red Dragon OG) is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Red Dragon and OG Kush. Red Dragon adds gentle invigoration to OG Kush’s mid-level sedation and pleasant euphoria. This heady hybrid offers mood-boosting mental stimulation and relaxing body effects that stick to the bones. Enjoy this strain throughout the day to boost creativity and combat moderate pain, but beware: this potent combination can be overstimulating in large doses.

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