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cbd topical cream for arthritis sold at pharmacies

The 2018 hemp bill advocates for organic growing, meaning no use of pesticides or artificial chemicals.

CBDfx is a CBD brand that offers a wide array of CBD topicals available for sale on their store. You can choose from CBD muscle balm, cream, face masks, bath salts, and even beauty products. There are three types of CBD balms – muscle balm, calming balm, and ultra-moisturizing balm.

Unlike other forms of CBD such as tinctures and edibles, CBD topicals don’t have to get into the bloodstream to work.

Charlotte’s Web

Experts also believe that Cannabidiol may help boost the production of the body’s natural cannabinoids, which in turn interact with CB2 receptors, hence relieving pain and inflammation.

Like all their other products, their CBD topicals are made using non-GMO cultivars from 100% legal sources.

They use US grown hemp, with no pesticides, heavy metals, or any harmful chemicals.

That’s why we have decided to do the heavy lifting by compiling this list of top CBD creams for arthritis available on the market.

As it turns out, topical CBD products may offer some anti-inflammatory properties to help alleviate pain through cannabinoid receptors within the skin. These receptors are a part of the body's endocannabinoid system, or ECS, that governs functions such as our ability to process pain, as well as inflammation, mood, and sleep. The cannabis plant contains phytocannabinoids like CBD that interact with our ECS, which is why hemp has therapeutic properties. 

FAB is devoted to providing people with the best quality CBD it can. All of FAB's CBD products are made from hemp organically grown in Colorado. FAB is community-oriented and regularly collaborates with charity partners. A full spectrum, or "whole plant," therapy may offer additional benefits when compared to other CBD topicals for pain.

Can CBD cream actually help with pain?

Available in 17 oz. pump bottle

Cornbread Hemp CBD Lotion + Menthol is made using a unique flower-only hemp extract that leaves out the stems, leaves, and stalks for a purer and more potent CBD. It's USDA orgranic and contains organic menthol, lemongrass, and eucalyptus for naturally cooling relief with no oily residue. Plus, it's free from parabens and preservatives.

These are some of the most important considerations when selecting most CBD oil products, including topicals like a CBD pain cream.

Medterra Pain Relief Cream is our top pick for arthritis pain because it’s both a registered over-the-counter option and it won the 2021 Product of the Year award in CBD personal care. Available in strengths of either 500 mg or 1000 mg, this product is made with broad spectrum CBD in addition to menthol, arnica, jojoba oil, and aloe. Medterra’s products are all THC-free and made with non-GMO Kentucky-grown hemp.

One study published by the European Journal of Pain also noted, “[the] use of topical CBD has potential as effective treatment of arthritic symptomatology” after conducting tests using a rat model of arthritis pain. Additionally, there are minimal side effects associated with CBD, especially when applied topically.

Best Menthol-Free: R+R Medicinals CBD Cream

With a CBD cream, you can typically find much higher concentrations of CBD in each product, allowing you the potential to enjoy stronger relief. The best CBD arthritis creams also contain natural ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint, California poppy, shea butter, and beeswax to help sooth aching joints and nourish skin.

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CBD is an immunosuppressive, and most often binds with the body’s CB2 receptor, which directly influences our immune system. This allows it to help inhibit the production of certain inflammatory processes in the body, which could help to reduce arthritis and joint pain.