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cbd tincture physician before starting

CBD also has some specific effects of its own, including:

Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to talk to your doctor about using CBD for your condition. We’ll also cover some of the most common reasons why your doctor might not be on board.

Conditions People Are using CBD For:

People are using CBD to provide relief from a wide range of health conditions, from inflammation to insomnia.

We highly recommend speaking with your doctor before using CBD, especially if your goal is to treat an existing medical condition.

Before you speak with your doctor, make sure you understand the laws in your area.

Compared to other popular products like CBD chocolates and lotions, tinctures have extremely high bioavailability, so they’re very easy for the body to absorb. According to a National Center for Biotechnology Information study, CBD edibles, like gummies or cookies, have less bioavailability because the body has to process both the CBD and the ingredients used to make the treat.

These days, there are plenty of tasty CBD tinctures on the market. Curaleaf, for example, sells vanilla, lavender-orange, and ginger-cinnamon flavored drops. However, if you aren’t a huge fan of the taste, you can always mix your tincture into a drink, a smoothie, or your favorite food to make it more palatable.

CBD is one of many chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. It’s a close relative of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis. However, unlike THC, CBD cannot get you high—no matter how much you take.

Should I use tinctures instead of other CBD products?

Assuming you’re given the go-ahead to try CBD, there are two ways to consume a tincture. After squeezing the liquid into the dropper, you can either place it under your tongue (this is known as taking something sublingually) or rub it on your skin. People trying to remedy arthritis, tendonitis, joint pain, and muscle soreness tend to use the latter method, whereas those using CBD for other reasons might take it orally.

According to researchers, a person will absorb a great deal more CBD if he or she ingests it in a pure tincture. You may also feel the effects sooner. “Due to the way you take tinctures versus other forms of administration, you get a high rate of absorption often starting as soon as the tincture is dropped onto the oral mucosa lining your mouth,” Kater explains.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, just a quick reminder: Like any new supplement, it’s important to talk to your doctor before starting a CBD regime. CBD isn’t ideal for everyone, and it can interact with certain medications, such as Warfarin. Make sure a medical professional knows exactly what you’re taking and in what combination before you start experimenting with CBD in any form.

While there’s not a ton of research out there yet, what CBD could give you is possible relief from stress, joint pain due to inflammation, or a better night’s rest.

The extraction information should also be present on the labels. If it has been CO2 extracted, that could indicate it is indeed a good product. This means it has been extracted using highly pressurized carbon dioxide gas. If the process by which the CBD was extracted from the hemp Sativa plants was without using any harmful chemicals or unwanted solvents.

Also, there are vast differences between CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures, the major difference being the composition. Tinctures are alcohol-based where oils are oil-based. Oils contain extracted CBD and a carrier oil like hemp, olive or MCT oil. The most used carrier is MCT oil, which is a type of oil derived from coconuts.

There is also a difference in dosage as CBD tincture is a concentrated dose and a few drops suffice whereas CBD Oil’s dosage is in spoons. However, it is advised to always consult a medical practitioner for suggestions before starting to use CBD based products.


It is a medication created when cannabis is dissolved in alcohol or glycerin. This contains about 70% of the base solvent and CBD hemp rich in Cannabidiol. They are also called Green or Golden Dragon. The most effective CBD tincture contains full spectrum CBD derived from hemp Sativa plants.

Also knowing the origin of the hemp will talk about its quality. Tinctures made in the US with USA produced hemp, especially Colorado are known to be of the highest quality. CBD produced without the use of pesticides is known to be of higher quality. While purchasing CBD products it should be considered whether it is pure or contains potentially hazardous chemicals.

When it comes to getting desired results, choosing the best CBD tincture matters. This is mostly dependent on informed selection. Choosing a CBD tincture is like choosing other products. An informed purchase of the best quality products available will meet your needs.

CBD Tinctures are most effective when a couple of drops are administered under the tongue. Then let the tincture be absorbed for about 30 seconds, the remaining be mixed with saliva and finally swallowed to reach the bloodstream directly and fast. CBD tinctures should be used sparingly.