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cbd tincture mouth blisters

When cold weather arrives, it brings with it come with a variety of maladies, some milder and some more serious. Today we will talk about one of the milder ones:Mouth Sores Treatment, wounds and sores in the mouth.

If the pain is not severe enough to warrant a doctor visit, you can try to treat it yourself. First, keep your mouth clean. Even when there is no pain, make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and thoroughly rinse your mouth. When there is a sore, use a soft toothbrush and rinse with lightly salted water. It is also important to visit a dentist every six months.

What is Mouth Sores ?

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, which means the body requires it but cannot produce it on its own. It is beneficial for a lot of people, but it’s best known for its effective battle against canker sores. Taking this vitamin can help prevent the wound from happening at all, and if it is already here, it helps it heal much faster and not return.

A wound in the mouth can be very red. Sometimes it can be white because of the dirt and bacteria that are in the sore. It may be a little swollen or have an edema. It may even happen that everything looks normal but the mouth burns.

Though a mild issue, mouth sores are quite uncomfortable. There are several types of mouth sores: Canker sores appear on the lips, tongue, palate, gums, and the inside of the cheeks. These can be caused by stress, inflammation, damage to the immune system, a drug, or a deficiency in certain B vitamins. The Herpes virus causes another type of pain. This is called cold sores. It usually appears on the lips and sometimes on the gums. Any bruising in the mouth, such as caused by a bite or a burn, can also cause a mouth sore to form.

But when a cold sore outbreak does occur, chances are it will happen again. That’s because the virus lies dormant in nerve cells in the skin, ready to agitate healthy cells again.

These outbreaks tend to happen once someone with the virus experiences heightened stress or whenever the immune system is suppressed such as when you’re sick or during a woman’s menstrual cycle. When this happens, the virus activates and begins to attack healthy cells nearby.

How Do You Get a Cold Sore?

Painful and often front and center, a cold sore outbreak can really ruin your week. And unfortunately, there’s no cure for them; there are only methods to dull the pain and speed up the healing process.

In a study from 2009, researchers concluded CBD is effective at spurring healthy cell growth and limiting the pain and inflammation often present during the healing process.

A viral infection called herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) causes cold sores. It’s very closely related to the sexually transmitted disease herpes simplex virus (HSV-2), commonly just known as herpes.