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We are proud to be the finest marijuana retailer in Okmulgee, OK. We strive to provide dedicated care, service, and top quality, premium grade marijuana products directly to our clients. Our mission is to provide our community with a safe and reliable resource for fulfilling their marijuana needs. We offer cannabis seed, CBD tinctures, and pre-rolls. Some of our other services include:

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Our clients can rest assured that they’ll receive only award-winning, connoisseur grade cannabis products from our store. Quality and safety in medicinal cannabis is our top priority. Call us and try our cannabis edibles, CBD concentrates, and marijuana dispensary today!

Our selection of concentrated marijuana cartridges, oils, and distillates are available in a wide variety of strains and deliver a highly discreet and rewarding marijuana vaping experience consumers can enjoy virtually anywhere and anytime.

Tinctures are another popular medical cannabis product which are renowned for their therapeutic effects and effective, quick method of consumption. At each Kush Gardens medical dispensary, you’ll find a variety of best-selling tinctures that are crafted with rich plant compounds.

Choose From Our Selection of Medicinal Marijuana Products

At each Kush Gardens medical dispensary in Oklahoma, you’ll find a large selection of premium and top-shelf flower. We’re always rotating the strains we offer and our staff can help you find the best choices.

At Kush Gardens, we understand and respect the essential role that medical marijuana plays in the lives of many and we’ve been helping customers find the best products for relief, stress and anxiety management, and chronic pain all at an affordable price.

Medicinal edible products are a great alternative to traditional cannabis consumption methods. From delicious chocolate edibles and fruit-flavored gummies infused with extracts made from premium quality cannabis, Kush Gardens has a great selection of high-quality edibles.

Travis got his start in the industry as a labor of love for his wife, Cham, who suffered from debilitating migraines after surviving an accident that resulted in a brain injury. Cham’s neurologist strongly suggested she try medical cannabis, and so Travis started growing a few plants. The cannabis he produced proved effective for Cham’s pain management and stopped most headaches before they became excruciating. Thanks to treatments that consisted solely of cannabis, the frequency of Cham’s migraines was reduced by 90 percent. After seeing these positive results and benefits, Travis became motivated to help others and soon pursued a larger location so he could grow for more patients. He was inspired to aid and educate his community in a way that would allow him to have the most impact. On his journey to get to the next level, he crossed paths with James.

TJ’s is named after its founders: Travis MacKenzie and James Orpeza. Together, these two friends and business partners have built one of the largest stable of award-winning genetics. They’ve also been recognized as one of the most decorated cannabis grows in the country. Their dedication to creating something positive and progressive is evident in every offering.

Along the way, TJ’s has won 30+ awards at High Times Cannabis Cup events, Dope Cup events, NW Cannabis Classic competitions, and many other notable cannabis competitions in the Pacific Northwest. The company was also recognized by High Times for producing “The Best Tasting Buds on Earth” (TJ’s Durban Poison strain) two years in a row. Additionally, TJ’s has a prized CBD strain that’s won numerous awards and is the magic behind the oils that the company donates to 100+ qualifying families via The Forrest Initiative.

Prior to meeting Travis, James had also been growing medical cannabis for patients for many years. James was involved in numerous smaller partnerships with other grow-ops that sought out his consultation, implementation, and grow expertise. Through his very first patient’s experience with cannabis, James quickly understood the cannabis plant had much more to offer than a good high. He realized that his growing talents could be applied for a bigger purpose, on a much larger scale.

When James started collaborating with Travis, he had more than 25 years of indoor and outdoor growing experience under his belt. James was responsible for bringing a “beyond organic” approach to growing in the gardens. This approach has become a foundation for all of TJ’s practices. The knowledge and innovative techniques he brought to the table were pivotal in turning TJ’s great flowers into truly amazing products. Together, Travis and James have proven to be an unstoppable force.