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cbd tincture filling machine

An increase in the demand implies a production rise and therefore requires suitable packaging equipments. Beyond the different company size (VMEs and SMEs) with mixed packaging volume (small and large productions), it’s firstly the range of CBD products that is very significant: tea, infusion, hemp oil, essential oil, ointment, face cream, etc. This large range of products leads to a large range of formats (pot, flask, tube, box, etc.) with different shapes (round, oval, square, etc.) Thanks to its 30-year expertise in labeling, filling and design of complete packing lines, CDA is well placed to meet all the needs when it comes to pack Cannabidiol-based products. Already presents in a lot of sectors as e-liquid, agri-food, cosmetics, organic products and many others, our machines are perfectly adapted to the packaging of every type of Cannabis-based products, regardless product format or liquid viscosity.

In order to improve you CBD products packaging, CDA offers you a complete range of complementary solutions: CBD products marking, automatic screw for every type of cap, automatic bottles feeder.

Whatever your business sector or product, CDA provides the experience of its engineering design office to conceive and design your customized machine to match your requirements and constraints, regardless of whether you require a filling, labeling or integral solution

CDA’s response to the sector’s challenges

The new legislations regarding products made from Cannabidiol (CBD) combined with an increasing popularity and consumption lead to a constant rise of demand. Facing this success and in order to respond to the packaging and manufacturing rise, in an efficient way, CDA offers you the labeling machine (automatic, semi-automatic), the filling machine (automatic, semi-automatic), or the packaging integral design adapted to your CBD product format.

For the filling of small quantity of liquid, viscous, pasty CBD products, CDA designed a range of precision semi-automatic filling machines suitable to every kind of liquid: e-liquid, cosmetic cream, ointment, hemp oils, essential oils, etc. For the semi-automatic filling of small formats, like tinctures, CDA developed the K-ONE, semi-automatic filling machine with precision peristaltic filling pump.

CDA automatic labeling machines are addressed to CBD product manufacturers looking for machines combining high speed and application accuracy. Whatever the speed wanted and the format to label, CDA offers you a wide range of automatic labeling machines for tinctures, pots, bottles, flasks, etc. Our automatic labeling machines have from one to four labeling heads and can apply on any zone of your flat, cylindrical or conical containers: on the side, top or bottom of your container.

The legislations concerning Cannabidiol-based products (CBD) combined with its success in different ways of use, cause a constant increase of the demand.

To avoid cross-contamination when products are switched over, piston pump fillers can be disassembled and cleaned, and peristaltic pump tubing can be changed out.

The capping head, driven by a torque servomotor, can be easily adjusted to ensure proper tightness for a wide range of cap diameters, and the rubber capping wheels protect the cap from scratching.

CBD Bottle Capping Equipment

Piston fillers use a cylinder and piston to push the liquid through a suction phase and a pressure phase to move fluid through the nozzle. If you couple a piston pump system with an electrical servomotor integration, the results of your liquid filling will be extremely accurate within a 0.5% range.

The FL-12 Compact Automatic Filling Machine is constructed of 304 stainless steel, equipped with high-grade SS-316 filling pumps, and fitted with Panasonic programmable touch-screen controls. It utilizes a servomotor-driven volumetric system in single, twin, or quad pump variants, and has an integrated infeed and outfeed conveyor, product gapping system, and bottle stabilizing clamps to ensure clean, smooth, and consistent results.

Along with being easy to install and operate, filling and capping machines should be constructed of high-quality materials that need very little maintenance for maximum performance and longevity. Machines should be manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and should meet ISO 9001 quality control procedures.