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cbd tincture 250mg reliva

Experience the Reliva difference today.

Reliva CBD oil is derived from traditionally grown hemp that is processed using industry leading extraction methodologies.

Our dedication to our customers and our commitment to quality are two of the many reasons why Reliva is one of the best-selling retail brands*. Our products go through multiple rounds of quality control and assurance testing before reaching your doorstep.

Reliva CBD Oil Tincture

Reliva’s products contain high quality CBD. Experience the Reliva difference today.

Squeeze dropper bulb to release liquid under tongue. For serving size information and further instructions, see product label.

Suggested Use: Place under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds and then swallow.

Store in a cool, dry and dark location.

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We know that Level One is consistent and highly accurate in their previous analyses, so even though we allow a 10% deviation between company claims and our own third-party results, we were especially anxious to do a side-by-side comparison of the COAs. When we received our Level One Certificate of Analysis, we were floored by the bare difference between the company’s COA and our own personally ordered analysis: namely, a Level One result of 273.93 mg CBD as against their own COA report of 271.5 mg CBD – a mere 2.43 mg difference or a minuscule 0.88% variance. In other words, WOW and congrats on earning a solid 10 out of 10 in this important category!

For this review, we will be testing and experiencing the Reliva which we came across in, of all places, a Circle K (gas station/convenience shop) outlet. Yep, there it was, staring right at us on the counter (in a clear locked case) as we were paying for our gas; we love that CBD is becoming so mainstream that it now appears in regular retail stores directly in view. We had not heard of the company, Reliva, but its sudden and unexpected appearance in Circle K elevated it to an immediate and automatic secret shop status and is now included in our growing list of quality third-party CBD product reviews.

The Relax tincture has “MINT” printed at the right-hand top of the front of the label, so we were prepared for a peppermint flavor. Readers may recall our earlier review of Dr. Burns’ ReLeaf CBD Pure PAIN Review, another peppermint-flavored product; this gave us a fair “apple-to-apple” comparison for the taste component of our testing. As reported in the Dr. Burns’ ReLeaf review, we found the peppermint flavor acceptable; not too overwhelming and no noticeable aftertaste. With this tincture, the taste was also acceptable, but we noticed a subtle, mildly unappealing aftertaste. For that reason, we scored them with a 9.2 out of 10 in the taste category, only earning a modest ding for the slight aftertaste.

Third Party Test Results

With the third-party analysis done and reviewed, we were more than ready to share with you our own perspective on the company and their product…

There is no doubt in our minds that a smart company will expend the effort and money necessary to ensure their website presents them in a positive light. However, the website is merely another medium in which to get their product into the hands of the consumer. Once there, it’s the product’s turn to do the impressing, namely through packaging.

As is our standard practice, our first step is to send the product to our ever-reliable, always professional, third-party testing lab, Level One Labs in Arizona, to obtain our own unbiased analysis. Of course, during our tour of the Reliva CBD Wellness website, we took advantage of their COA (Certificate of Analysis) search service and looked up their results for our own batch (273.93 mg CBD content in our 250 mg tincture). We were itching to see how Level One would compare!

Our review also appears at a propitious moment in the young life of Reliva CBD Wellness: they just announced their acquisition by Aurora Cannabis Inc., a major Canadian cannabis player eager to gain entry into the United States. As their announcement stated, with this acquisition “Aurora is expected to be positioned as a meaningful player in the United States, the world’s largest cannabinoid market.” Apparently Aurora investigated a series of American cannabinoid producers before deciding upon Reliva CBD Wellness, stating the following reasons for selecting this company: