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cbd thc tincture for pain

Cannabis oil and edibles

State Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The key to using medical cannabis for pain is two-fold. For starters, a personalized approach is needed. Each person is different, and many adjustments may be needed to zero in on the dose that controls pain with minimal side effects. It’s also important to start on a low dose of THC and CBD.

Herbs, Oils, and Edibles, Oh My!

The FDA’s View on Cannabis for Pain

What I use it for: Reducing anxiety, managing stress, sleeping well, relieving pain, and increasing focus

The only real cons to this tincture are it’s currently not available for purchase outside of California, and the bottle cap’s design could use some work. (If you’re not careful, this pick will definitely leak.) When I take it with me on the go, I always screw the cap on tightly and store the bottle in an upright position, but even that doesn’t guarantee a leak-free experience.

Rosebud CBD oil: 350mg

Cons: Might not be ideal for people who don’t like added flavoring.

This is my favorite CBD oil overall; it’s the tincture I reach for when I want to unwind but I also want to remain 100% sober.

Cons: The bottles are on the smaller side, but the company might be changing that soon.

CBDA is great for patients with osteoarthritis. We recommend it to any patient we meet whose hands or knees have been in aching pain. Many have called back thanking for the recommendation, within two days! The cannabinoid also works really well for athletes looking to rest their muscles after lengthy workouts, during which your muscles become inflamed.

So, without further ado, we’d like to share some of our favorite tinctures at The Higher Path. All 5 are well-respected, all-around amazing products, but each carries its own unique benefits.

Tinctures are one of the healthiest forms of consuming cannabis. Simply put, a tincture is a cannabis oil (also known as a “dropper”). After processing the flower, cannabis leaves are infused with oil, most often olive and MCT oil. They are taken sub-lingually, placing the desired amount under your tongue for 10-20 seconds.

#3: 40:1 CBD Tincture – Care By Design

This tincture is also quite popular for people who want to quit smoking nicotine or any other substance. That counts for THC as well, perfect for someone looking to get a tolerance break). CBD is so strong that it calms that very need. We should also mention that the tincture is made with MCT Oil, which is great for digesting fat and nutrients, weight loss, and appetite control.

This specific tincture is made with olive oil, which gives it that raw cannabis taste. It may seem gross at first. Trust me, you get used to it, and then it becomes (somewhat) enjoyable. Olive oil-based tinctures also have their own benefits. With no additives, you’re getting that pure plant extract, full spectrum giving you all the healthy cannabinoids.

We like to think there is a tincture for everyone. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, reduced inflammation, or simply seeking a product to provide relaxation, there’s an oil with just the right cannabinoids for that. Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and even their pre-cursors THCA and CBDA! Here’s a quick rundown of what each can do.

For very energetic people, who forget to take their time when facing rigorous and detail-oriented tasks. This tincture can help you slow down, focus and think about what youneeded to do. It is a very calming experience without the head-high.